Suntrust National Marathon Race Report: the photo evidence

Every race starts with a little preparation…

Race Shirt, Nike Capris, Band-aids & Socks, iPod and Garmin and the famous Race BIB.

Get Dressed!

And for a marathon, a little fuel is required….

Whole-wheat Tortillas, Peanut Butter, Honey (+ honey packets), and whole-wheat Arnold Thins.

Make (and pack) FOOD!


Welcome to Suntrust National Marathon, 2010!


Now, RUN! For 26.2 miles…

(( Mile 18 ))

Afterward, you’ll be a little tired…

…but Oh SO Victorious!

(( My Support System ))

(( “2 -6 – . – 2 ” ))

(( Yes, I changed into my shorts right away.
70* is much warmer than I remembered.))

(( We’re Elites! …um, for the sake of this picture))


Showered, Iced, Relaxed and ready for Celebrations!

(( have your drink, and h2o too!))

(( My. Favorites.))


YES, the actual Race Report will be up soon 🙂


Let's Hear It!

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