Run for the Roses 5K

Literally, I ran for the Rose. It was handed to me right as I crossed the finish line. Hey, that’s classy!


I had company with me this time; a friend who has made it very clear he does Not run, but did volunteer to come ‘watch’ a race. Since I was sans-running group, there was a slot to be filled! He showed up bright -n-early, with a cooler in tow. We’ll get to that.

Since Emilie had suggested this race via blog-comment, we met up before the start. Very Fun to meet a Reader, I was excited!

6.20 002

A little blurry, yes. But, Hi Emilie!!
Thanks for the suggestion, I enjoyed this run!


I’ve only done the 5K distance once before, and I definitely wasn’t racing. Usually, my speed workouts revolve around a 3-mile tempo run with a warm-up/cool-down tacked on each side. So, My logic? I can run for three miles! And I will find out how Fast I can run for 3 miles. The only goal was less than 24:00 minutes; arbitrary, I wanted to run faster than 8 min/miles. Just ’cause.


The course was relatively flat; initially through a neighborhood, through a tree-trail or two, back to the starting area, around a cute park, through some Mud and then back to parking lot! A few small inclines and downhill treks were sprinkled in there, but nothing that drastically affected the pace.

I started strong…..

Mile 1 @ 7:35 – Oh, okayyy. I can do this! Not too tired, but definitely pushing it. Good stuff.

Mile 2 @ 7:31 – The volunteer at this marker gave us a time. As I ran by he said “14:46!” and, for whatever reason, my thoughts went to high-school soccer tryouts. Day 1 always meant a 2-mile run, which we were supposed to finish in 15:30. A handful of people were able to do this. The rest of us went “PSH!” and attempted to escape (what we considered) death. Knowing that I had just done 2 miles in Less than 15 minutes?! Hello, ego boost.

Mile 3 @ 7:34 – I didn’t hear/see this split. All I knew was that fatigue was setting in, along with that 100% humidity factor. But! I wasn’t feeling completely spent, so I did pass the girl that had been ~100 yards ahead of me the whole time (it’s a mental thing. I had to do it!).

I saw that finish line…..and I liked those numbers……

3.1 Miles – 22:42

Official results: Overall place – 16 / 375
Age group – 4 / 16
22:46 @ avg 7:20  min/mile (7:34 according to Garmin…?)

6.20 008


I was happy with that! Plus, I had this waiting for me on my tailgate….

6.20 009

….YUMMMM. The contents of the above-mentioned cooler. Seriously? Awesome.


Next up?? Annapolis 10-miler – August 30, 2009!

We’ll discuss this later.


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