Rockville Rotary 8K – running after dark

My first night race was supposed to be this upcoming weekend, then someone sent me the link to this race. I passed it on the to group saying “What do ya think?” and we all voted “Sure!”


Running has been all over for me recently, I had no idea how I would do. A new race distance obviously means one thing is for sure, a new PR!
Sweet, I’m in!

My unofficial goal was to run it in under 42 minutes.The “new” group I was meeting claimed to run ~8 min/mile, I planned to pace myself with them and go from there.

I didn’t know there would be hills; I didn’t know there would be 2,000+ runners; I didn’t know if I’d want my iPod with me or not (but brought it anyway!). I didn’t expect to see a mist-shower 1 mile into the race (awesome!), or someone dressed up as a banana with a sign saying “OREOS and BEER!” (also, awesome!).

I also never thought I’d actually Need to use the “backlight” on my Garmin!

The weather was perfect; a cool summer evening, no clouds, a little bit humid. We had a little breeze going, and I didn’t realize I was even sweating until after I stopped running. This whole running at night thing??
Yes, I could get used to this.

Here we go…….

mile 1 @ 8:51 – I couldn’t/didn’t see this split; probably worked out for the best. I would Not have liked that number! But hey, crowded race start and a few hills? Eh, it happens. I kept up with the group, that’s what mattered!

mile 2 @ 8:31 – I did see this one, and could only think ‘well, at least I know I’ll still have some energy at the end

mile 3 @ 7:54 – Hey hey, there you are. I loved that seeing my 3 mile split cued the math – “I only have two miles left?! Sweeeeet”

mile 4 @ 7:52 – Staying on track with those negative splits, still feeling ~90%, and keeping up with these guys. I think I’m just fine with this! One mile left? More FOB on the playlist? Pretty flat from here on out? Oh, it’s on.

mile 5 @ 7:17 – I thought the finish line was about 50 yds further than it actually was, so uhh, this doesn’t include any significant “sprinting” at the end – but I’ll take it! Wow, I’ve never run the last mile that much faster. Success!


7.18 009*****
I felt SO happy to have run that last mile so quickly, and So pumped that I almost hit 40 minutes! Now I have a new goal for the next 8K.


The Official Stuff –
40:22 @ avg pace 8:04 min/mile

17 / 101 : age group
137 / 928: gender


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