Potomac River Run – part 1 – photos and a little explainin’

Packing was a little challenge (as if it’s not already…) since the chance of rain was 80%! I don’t have “waterproof” things; you could say I’m still slightly in denial of the fact that I no longer live in the desert. It will never rain when I don’t want it to! Right? Um, no.

In the bag: Under Armour (UA) long-sleeve shirt (for ‘cooler’ temps and/or pouring rain – I dont want my arms soaked!), UA short-sleeve shirt from Baltimore half (wicks away moisture like a PRO!), sleeveless Champion shirt (in case it’s hot with No rain!) , PSU shorts, my fave running crop pants, aaaand RUNNING SHOES. Obviously. Plus the other ‘randoms’ that I can’t go without.


Packed and ready!

Saturday we hit up the race Expo at the host hotel. This consisted of a few tables with samples, a ‘complimentary A.R.T.’ session (awesome!), and a series of ‘talks’ with some Fitness professionals and the Race Director. This was followed by dinner on King Street in Alexandria, such a fun area!

Who says you can’t have a drink before the race?? Not me, and not Las Tascas! Cava Sangria was delicious.


Follow this with some Ben & Jerry’s and a movie in bed; you apparently have the Perfect pre-race routine. Just sayin’.



 Due to some unexpected ‘restrictions’ put in place by the Park officials, the course could only be open for 4 hours. With a half and full scheduled, this was a little problem. As a semi-solution, the Race Director declared 5:30 a.m. the “unofficial/non-competitive” starting time and left 7:00 a.m. as the “official/competitive” starting time. Basically, if you didn’t expect a sub 4-hour marathon you were encouraged to switch the half. And if you weren’t an “elite” runner, you were encouraged to start at any time between 5:30 – 7:00.

 We made it to the park around 5:45, hit up the bathrooms, and started around 6:10 a.m. I thought it would be weird to just ‘go’ on our own. No no, it was AWESOME. There was no anxiety (perfect for my mentality with this race!), and no crowd maneuvering! Just me, my music, my Garmin, my pace, my Run.

 I loved it.

 Photos – before and after; Early and Unglamorous! Whooo.


My pre-race routine! Coffee, CLIF bar, and some H-2-O!

In the shuttle, and not enjoying the rain thats hitting the windshield. Not promising….


Still dark outside and we are WIDE AWAKE, loving the ‘sprinkle’ in place of the RAIN, and ready to go Go GO.


Passed the finish line, 1 water bottle and 1 orange down!

 So, how’d the RACE go? What was my “time”?? That’ll be mentioned in “part 2”.


So, if you’re wondering about this “Race Cancelled” business – here’s the breakdown!!

 The license between the Race and Park Rangers is very specific. The park people (PP) only allow X number of people in the race, and the director allowed X + a LOT more. PP shortened the time the course could be open in response, which really threw things off. Then, unbeknownst to those of us who started early, PP and Police-man showed up at the official start and physically REMOVED the timing pad and clock! I guess this was their other way of saying – Our way or NO way. Whoa. Gotcha’! **

 There may not have been an “Official Race Time”, since this ended up not being an official race – but the Garmin pulled through! Good thing I decided to wear it, because if you didn’t have a watch, you didn’t have a time. Whew, that is one way to quickly anger the runners!

Well, ya know, as they say in the Running World – the race must go on! That’s right. We all kept running (i.e. had no idea what was going on), and even those who started at the official time – without the official timer -ran the 13.1 and 26.2! Even if it wasn’t a “race”, it was still a run!

 Races end. Running doesn’t.

 For those of you who were looking to Boston-Qualify, sad day.
For those of us who were looking to relax and enjoy the full 13.1, mission accomplished.



RUN REPORT comin’ up…..

 **Just as a little disclaimer: this is just what we were told after the race! I wasn’t actuallly there and didnt’ see it happen, but was informed by the volunteers at the bag-check who witnessed it first hand. Ha, that couldn’t have been pleasant.**


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