Marine Corps Marathon 10K Race Report

We were trying to stay warm by moving the legs around before the race! It was finally time to line up with the 5,000 other 10K-ers, listen to the National Anthem, and hear that gun-shot that signals “G-O-!”…

Assuming the crowded coral would mean an even slower-than-intended first mile, I relaxed and went with it. No need to waste energy now, nice and easy….!

mile 1 @ 8:10 – Or so I thought…..mmK legs, you know you have to hold this for 6 more right? Hope you’re ready.

mile 2 @ 7:44 – Ivan and I are keeping it fast; iPods in with a mutual understanding that we cannot chat at this pace! FOCUS.

mile 3 @ 7:28 – Over the bridge and into Crystal City. You feel good today, don’t ya, legs?

mile 4 @ 7:36 – Past the half-way point! Ivan got ahead of me for a little while; I maintained my pace  and sucked up a little pride….

….4.5….alright, less than 2 left – STEP IT UP! Gradually passing Ivan, my strong-finishing legs showed up.

mile 5 @ 7:30 – Running through the Marathon starting coral (the two races started at the same time) ? Hello, BOOST of energy. I want to be on that side of things next year!

G showed me 43:25 when I looked down, at 5.6. Oh, PR, it will be so nice to see you again!

mile 6 @ 7:35 – There’s a hill, there’s a hill, there’s a HILL. Somewhere…..

mile 6 – 6.3 @ 7:28 – The suppport from ~5.9 on? AMAZING. We were running through streets lined with Uniforms, posters, loud cheerers, and more Uniforms.

6.1 starts the infamous hill,
I hit “stop” on the Garmin,
we crossed the finish line!

10.25 025

Garmin Time – 47:47, 6.23 miles, avg 7:40 pace

(Old PR – 49:25! Another check off the List)
A huge grin refused to leave my face.
I turned around to wait for Ivan, very close behind me!


YES, we PR’d! Check out those smiles…..

(ruthlessly taken from the marathonfoto site. thankyouverymuch)

The Official Stuff:

48:15 @ avg 7:40 (6.3 miles)
Age Group: 20-24: 11 / 390

Gender: F : 69 / 3322
Overall: 366 / 5370


Another Congrats is in order for you Marathoners!!

After we met up with the rest of the group, Elle and I ran back down to the Lincoln Memorial to cheer on the Runners around mile 16. It was inspiring and humbling. I absolutely can Not wait to be a part of that, and felt proud to be in DC where these things happen. To all of you who ran, Congratulations!! No matter what kind of race you had that day, I’m impressed by you.

To those of you who ran with a deeper purpose (Active-Duty, In Memory of and/or In Honor of) – Thank You for letting us join you!



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