Lawyer’s Have Heart 10K

Saturday I joined my group, “Runners from the Law”, for another 10K in DC.  This was, again, followed by a tasty brunch and a few Mimosas. Yes, I could get used to this!


The race was a big one; a lot of runners, a lot of lawyers? Who knows. It started in two waves, sub 8-min miles and the rest of us. I was about *this* close to missing the official start, since they only had ~5 porta-potties to service 6,000+ runners! Needless to say that line was a monster.

I went with wave #2, knowing I probably wouldn’t hit the sub-8s and I did Not want to be passed by every other runner in Mile 1 (quickly degrades my “runner’s high”).  Also because I missed Wave #1, so, really there was no option. There was a lot of weaving in and out; if nothing else, this kept my starting pace where it needed to be! We went straight up the only “hill” on the course, made a sharp turn and began the out-and-back course.


It was humid, we were by some water that smelled strongly of fish, and my legs had no idea what to do.

On the other hand, there were a lot of water stops, it was relatively flat, and they passed out soaked SPONGES!  This is brilliant.

Let’s break it down…..

Mile 1 @ 8:23 – feeling pretty good, aside from the irritation that comes with trying to weave around the initial crowd
Mile 2 @ 8:00 – finally settling in, and thinking 4.2 more doesn’t sound too bad
Mile 3 @ 7:59 – I think this is where the caffeine reached my legs…
Mile 4 @ 7:55 – and just kept goin!
Mile 5 @ 8:10 – Then this is where I thought “F, it’s humid and….I’m tired”
Mile 6 @ 8:20 – I took a short walk break (in the last mile?! what?! I know) and was less than thrilled with the idea of starting to Run again….
Mile 6 – 6.2 @ 7:56 – Luckily this was downhill – not so luckily I thought the finish line was about 100 yards closer than it actually was. Too speedy!
And, hello exhaustion. Whew!

I immediately grabbed a cup of Gatorade and a downed a bottle of water in about 0.7 seconds. YUM.

6.13 002

average: 8:08 min/mile, Chip Time: 50:28
45 out of 239 in my age group

And afterward, we celebrated appropriately.

6.13 004

Next up – Saturday (6/20/09) – Run for the Roses 5K3.1 miles?
YES PLEASE. Sounds good to me. 😉


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