Gar Williams Half-Marathon: picture evidence of snow-covered running

If you had met me one year ago, and asked me to run a half-marathon in the rain OR snow? I would’ve laughed and said “absolutely not”.

Saturday, we had both. And not once did I consider opting out.

Add in the facts that my iPod died before the race, this was my 6th day of running for the  week (so not my style…), I may have gone out the night before (okay, that is my style…), and I had Nothing ready for the morning of (i.e. grabbed some bread and smothered peanut butter on it while I was running out the door!) ?? You probably wouldn’t assume this was one of my best races…..

However! Truckin’ through a rain-turned-snow  with 35* F morning, we ran 13.1 miles.

And it looked like this…..

two of my racing favorites: Ivan and Elizabeth

my age-group “competition” 😉
Except that her PR is about 12 minutes faster than mine…..

on the starting line!

this picture is so deceiving….it *looks* pleasant
don’t be fooled! the rain had already accumulated in
puddles that we were constantly dodging…and would soon be *SNOW*

kate – first female finisher!
coming in around 1:35! speedy, chick
and just to give you a glimpse of the finishing conditions….

SO happy to be done
SO proud of my legs
SO ready for some dry clothing



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