Duke City Half Marathon – Running, with a numb foot

It had been about 6 months since my last run of 13.1 miles; I was extremely anxious, excited, and Ready for this run. Throw in the fact that my Sister was finally joining me? I. Could. Not. Wait!

So, Saturday morning we went for a short jog. This was to 1) make sure I didn’t die in the altitude (still alive, check!) and 2) to loosen up the legs a little bit! I only ran once last week; 7 miles on Monday….and….nothing after that.

I’ve never run the day before a race; trial – success!


Lauren actually said “I don’t want you to run with me” – ha, okay! She trained on her own and knew she’d do best without trying to keep up or do any pace but her own. So, I made one promise – I’ll come back to find you when I’m done so we can finish together.


Miles 1 – 4 @ 8:36 – 8:06 – 8:06 – 8:00

I felt Great. My pace was strong, I held back on the first mile to save some energy and I was pretty surprised by the subsequent splits. A little worried that it was too fast too soon? Yes. But, Movin’ ON!

Mile 5 – 6 @ 8:04 – 8:00

Cue: numb foot feeling! As I entered the 5th mile my left foot felt “weird” – I couldn’t tell if my insert was moving around or if my feet were tingling. I would soon find out that my Left foot was falling asleep!

OH, bored, are we?! Not enthused about this 13.1 mile adventure through a desert trail that I’m taking you on??

All I could think was “make it to the turn-around!” – then I could pull off the trail easily, fix my foot, and keep going.


Not so Simple.

I DID stop, take off my shoe, massage my foot until I could feel blood return to it, and then start running again…

Miles 7 – 8 @ 7:48 – 7:51

It may not look like it, but I strongly considered a “DNF” at this point. I HATE to admit that, but I could not figure out what my foot was doing. It became so bad at one point that the tingling started up my shin. I took out my insert and left it on the ground, thinking maybe that was the problem. Then I just wondered “Am I going to injure myself by running with a foot that’s getting No circulation?!”

I saw Lauren on the other side, she was glowing – she gave me a huge smile and enthusiastic wave and I instantly felt the same, then thought “I want to finish!”

Keep going…..

It turned into a walk-run-walk-run routine. The “worst” part was that my pace felt so good when I was running – but after about a mile the foot would die again. When walking, it returned to normal. So, that’s how we compromised for the next 5 miles…..

Miles 9 – 12 @ 9:30 – 8:48 – 7:54 – 9:02 (?)*

This is when I quit “stopping” the Garmin for the walk breaks. After my third walk-break I forgot to Re-start it and was immediately annoyed, so from then on I just let it do it’s thing.

*At Mile 11 a guy turned to me and said “You’re holding a great pace!” and I sort of laughed and said “Yah, except for my foot being asleep…so I have to keep walking!” But, it was a needed boost. He had a Garmin so I checked in on the actual mileage – mine read 10.4. His read 11.0. Sweet!

Walk – run – walk – run…..

Miles 12 – 13.1 @ 7:47

I was tired of dealing with my foot, but I knew I was close. Since G’s mileage was so off, I pressed the Lap button when I saw the sign for Mile 12. I walked one more time during this last mile (oh man, Really?!) to appease my Left side, and then finished Strong.

NO, this obviously wasn’t my “best” race. But I made it to the finish line (twice…..)…..

Clock Time – 1:52:29, avg pace 8:35
Women: 71 / 641
Age Group (20-24): 7 / 61

I took a quick “Finisher” photo with the photographers,
found my parents & brother to say “hey!”,
then went to find my Sister.

dukecityhalf 016( ignore the mileage and time – which are clearly wrong. Just had to get the pic for tradition’s sake)

Finishing with her –

My eyes were peeled, and I finally saw her turn the corner. HELLO! I got so happy, jumped in and joined her for the last 0.5 miles of her first half-marathon. This feeling has yet to be matched – she was still going strong, smiling, breathing, and ready to CRUSH her goal (2:10)! I love this chick.

Lauren’s Clock Time – 1:58:11 !!!


Yes, we’re already searching for her second race. She’s hooked, obviously!

And I can’t wait to join her again.


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