Duke City Half Marathon – photos, part Uno

Miles Traveled1800
Miles Raced: 13.1
Altitude: 5000 ft
Days with the Fam: 3
Number of Times my Foot fell asleep: 5

Degrees on the Starting line: 55
Degrees at the Finish Line: 70

Before the Race:

We went to pick up our race packets on Saturday morning. Having that bib in hand does wonders….

dukecityhalf 003

The rest of the day consisted of Shopping, Penn-State Football watching,
um…more shopping!, and some tasty Food!

We laid out our (matching) race outfits;
I nixed the short-sleeve shirt for a tank-top.
High of 76? That’s gonna be warm….

dukecityhalf 006

dukecityhalf 011

Even the Big Bro headed out; the three of us look so Glam in the morning.

dukecityhalf 014

Anxious – Excited – a little Cold – Ready to RUN

dukecityhalf 015

Tired – Happy – Successful half-marathoners!


This was our post-run treat to ourselves!
My parents and Jason had to head back home (3 hr drive) –
so, Lauren and I fed the craving! Dessert? YES PLEASE.
Gets that New-Mexico food spice out of your mouth quickly….YUM.


While this wasn’t my fastest or best 13.1 miles, it goes right into the top 5
because of the company and the experience of running with my Sister!

I finished….and then I finished again, with her.

Race report…comin’ soon!


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