double dose report! Jingle All the Way & Bread Run 10Ks

((yes, I ran two 10Ks in the same day…. ūüôā ))

The morning started off with a misty rain, and warmer-than-expected 40* temps. I had packed 2 race shirts, my capris, my new running pants, 3 pairs of socks, my running shoes, running hat and a dry cotton shirt. You’d think I was packing for an entire weekend? Nope just a few races….off to West Potomac Park for number 1!

 I was joined by my two racing staples РIvan and Elizabeth Рand Dustin, who was driver/spectator/stuff holder and an awesome picture taker! Meeting up with the rest of our group/team:


While this course is ideal for a PR (flat, out and back, along the roads &  parks of downtown DC), this race is not! It was crazy crowded and never really thinned out. To be smart, I had to take it easy (two races, one day and marathon training! agh). I had to remind the legs that they were due for another 6.2 in a few hours.

 I brought the iPod for these adventures, and it did NOT die this time. Success!

 miles 1-3: 9:20 Р8:37 Р8:08

¬†I ran the first mile with my friend Julia, then decided to pick it up – just a little bit. As I kept going, I knew the negative splits were coming and not to be stopped! Throughout the second half (after the turn around), I wasn’t passed by a single girl. Guys? Whew, yes, speedy. The legs kicked it into gear and I went with it…..

 miles 4-6.2: 7:46 Р7:41 Р7:28 Р6:39 (0.2)

¬†Well. So much for “Slow”. Ah, well – it felt easy and I¬†was¬†fine at the end. So, race #1 – check!

Jingle All the Way 10K:
50:42, avg 8:07 min/mile

 Cold, wet, and ready for dry clothes and a heated car? YES and YES. Fuel for race #2 = bagel + water!


¬†Upon arriving to our next starting line, my motivation was dwindling very quickly. Three people opted out of running; injuries were surfacing, and we’re all about safety over here! It was pouring rain at this point; I was freezing, despite being in dry racing clothes; I knew we’d be back on the trail from last weekend (puddles? mud? more puddles? uhhh….); I stood there and thought “WHY did I want to run twice today?

¬†LAST minute decision (literally, I was standing at the starting line thinking “No….”) – JUST RUN.

 miles 1-3: 7:59 Р7:45 Р7:54

¬†Well, well…turns out that 10k warm-up wasn’t such a bad idea? I’ll take this! Around mile 2 we headed off the road, through a neighborhood, and down on the C&O trail. By mile 3? My shoe was soaked. Ah, here we go again…

 I had a pacer by this point; we were running right with each other for the remainder of the race.

 miles 4-6: 7:36 Р7:46 Р8:33
 My intentions were never to PR, but by mile 5 I knew it was possible. I was mentally tired and a little bored, but kept reminding myself that last weekend I was on this trail for 13 miles. Two? I can manage. Run faster = get out of the cold and into dry clothes faster!

¬†5.5 miles – 43:00 – we were running back up to the road. HALT! The path took us straight up a trail, so steep that there are wooden “steps” in the ground to get you up. Hello, tired muscles! One guy right in front of us slipped, face planted, and gashed his leg open. We stopped, made sure he was okay, and continued to truck up the incline. That 8:33 split? Yah, that was tough.

¬†5.6 miles – finally back onto Flat pavement and in the “home-stretch”. My pacer turned around, and I took it to mean “C’mon, catch up, we’re almost done!”…..


Sprinting it in – 0.2 @ 6:59



Bread Run 10K – 48:35 @ 7:53 min/mile


 Two 10Ks in one day? SUCCESS. I felt so good after number two; proud of myself for running, not hurting anything, and keeping it faster the second time around!


¬†I really heart these runner people….





FYI: for the 10 minutes of contemplating – to run or Not to run the second 10K in these crappy conditions? My main motivation was “Well, I already said it on the blog! Gotta stick to my story! Fine. I’ll run.”

 Thanks for sticking through the (loong post) adventure!


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