crystal city twilight 5K – running a little more than 3.1

I set my “Virtual runnning partner” (Garmin lingo) at an 8:00 min/mile pace – I had no intentions of a PR and wasn’t feeling like my legs would be anything resembling “fast” for the night. Ah well, I was still excited for the cool temperature and an evening with friends to follow….

We did a 10 minute warm-up to get the legs moving. My first split is always the slowest, so I thought I’d avoid that with a quick 1-mile jog before lining up at the Start.

It was raining. Not sprinkling, raining. Ivan’s comment? “Well, now you can cross one thing off your new List.”

Yes, not something I thought would happen so SOON. Dangit!


We started up at the front, right behind the “Elites”. That’s one way to make sure you start too fast!

mile 1 @ 6:44 – My legs were flying. I felt great, but knew this was too much in the first mile. I looked down after 1/2 a mile and I was already 1 minute ahead of my Virtual-running-partner; if I kept that pace I would’ve had a 6 min/mile split. I had to slow down; I had to save Something for the rest of the race!

mile 2 @ 6:55 – Alright. I’m still alive. I had two “pacers” right in front of me, and tried staying with them. Ivan passed me for a little bit; I thought “Omg we are running too fast!” – but hey, still going right? RIGHT.

mile 3 @ 7:10 – This was Brutal. I wanted to nothing more than to see that finish line. At some point, this thought popped in my head….”What if my First race as a 23-year old, is my fastest race thus far?” It was possible!

I knew I was at least a minute ahead of my last pace (5K), but felt my legs slowly dying on me. The Garmin? Not my friend this time around. I looked down too often in this mile and thought (too often) “Sh*t!” – still have a ways to go…..

3.0 – 3.19 @ 7:00 – what?!?! If the GPS doesn’t lie, this race was pushing the “5K” line. 0.9 miles makes a big difference when you are running faster than you thought your legs could go….

The Finish Line……finally appeared. I stopped. I wanted to collapse. I looked at my watch and barely registered the fact that I just Beat my PR by 32 seconds AND ran further than anticipated. Whew, take a breath and grab some water!


7.25 018

Enjoying my Free post-race Beer and H2O……

(notice that 3.19? geeze)

7.25 023

Enjoying my first drink as a faster 23 year old. YUM.



3.19 miles. 22:05 !!
@ avg 7:07 min/mile
269/2063 – Total
47/1087 – Gender (F)

13/126 – Age Group (20-24 F)


3 responses to “crystal city twilight 5K – running a little more than 3.1

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  2. 5k

    That was a good, solid run with a new PR even!

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