Annapolis 10-mile Race: the running stuff!

First of all, I’m ready to sign up for this race, 2010. It was Awesome (challenging? yes, scenic? yes);  I’ll definitely be back!

But, let’s start with the question, “Whoa, where did THAT Garmin come from?”

Race Expo, Saturday: I walked past the table, and of course that little box caught my eye. I gave an “Ah, sad day” look; yes I still miss my watch!

The guy says, “They’re on sale, 20% off.

I said, “Um, WHAT ??!! Hold on one second.”

Dialing parents’ cell phone…discussing “early Christmas present” options…their response? 1) It’ll save us $60?…what’s the question here? (ha, YES!) and 2) What if you lose this one between now and Christmas?
(oh. that’s. so. Not. funny)

To the latter, I responded: “Then I’m never allowed to own a Garmin again. EVER! A self-imposed rule, regardless of who offers to purchase it for me (i.e. I can’t even buy myself one. Not. Allowed.)!”…..
Uh, anyway, I HAVE A GARMIN AGAIN!!!!!


Saturday Night: After grilling hamburgers and having a beer or two (because that won’t hurt, right?), we hit the bars . Yes, I did think – this probably isn’t the best way to spend the night pre-10-mile-race. But I also thought – these guys are moving to Florida soon, I’m not Racing tomorrow (just running!) and I’m having fun. Ah, well, just go with it!


Sunday morning: I got a text from my friend ( who didn’t register! But DID go out with us the night before, and did say he was Running with me…) saying “So, where am I supposed to meet you?” and I just about dropped my phone because I thought he was kidding (i.e. didn’t actually think he would  come).

Nope. He was on the way, and he joined us. We called him the “Bandit Runner”……(no bib/race number, NO training, ….just going).

He was one of the guys who ran with me last Sunday; I knew he was fast. Being 6’8″, I told him my pace would likely be ‘painfully slow’; however, he’s not as much of a “distance” runner (although he was on the Navy Basketball team), so there was a middle ground.

I set the “Virtual Running Partner” at a 9:00 min/mile pace to keep my legs in control and run conservatively. Thanks to my new-er friend G, I bring you the splits, and the Annapolis 10-mile Race:

mile 1 @ 9:11 – perfect! It might be due to A LOT of weaving in/out, but if it’s keeping us on pace then that works too.

mile 2 @ 8:50 – ah, a little speedy eh? this can work, just conserve energy. That bridge at mile 4? Yes, you’ll NEED energy.

mile 3 @ 9:09 – oh there’s a hill before the bridge? hm, here we go…..

mile 4 @ 8:37 – and here, I’d like to THANK those hill workouts that killed my legs for the last few weeks. We went UP and Over the Naval Academy Bridge – gorgeous – and I felt fine.

mile 5 @ 8:33 – off the bridge and up a few more hills! This place lost the meaning of  “flat” somewhere in the planning stages. Geeze! I looked at my partner and said “8:33” and he said ” Nice! We’re rockin’ it”. Uh, obviously.

mile 6 @ 8:35 – we’ve been hosed down a few times, ran through a sprinkler or two, said hi to lots of people sitting out to cheer on the runners (this town deserves some sort of “Community Running Support” award. I’m in love with them), and this time I said “8:35. So far? Beer-drinking on race-eve is getting a thumbs UP!”.  Still goin’ strong…

mile 7 @ 8:28  – Past the turn-around, one water stop (almost a FAIL, don’t breathe and drink. not a good idea), and reapproaching the bridge…

Somewhere in here I lost my partner, and um, kept going. Remember how he’s 6’8″ ?! I turned around multiple times and he was not to be seen. Uh, must keep running! He fell a little behind, then looked for me (gah, I’m a jerk. I just kept running. Oops…), then saw Ivan and asked if he had seen me.  Ivan responded something like…”Nah, she’s probably ahead and probably just kept going”. HA. Somebody knows me too well…

mile 8 @ 8:43 –  Back over the bridge! SUCCESS! All downhill from here (not literally, dangit), only 2 miles left!

mile 9 @ 8:15 – Stopped for gatorade, feeling Strong, time to pick it up! At this point I realized I would definitely make it in under 1:30 (my unofficial goal time). I’m still smiling, still enoying myself, and loving this run.

mile 10 @ 7:40 – And DONE! 

((Sidenote: Two trials for this race – Sweatband on my wrist to wipe off sweat from my forehead? AWESOME. Sport Jelly Beans? Eventualy forgot they were in my pocket. Dangit.))

Honestly, felt like I had a few more miles in me. I have no idea where that energy came from, but this was a great feeling. I sprinted into the finish line (after the uphill part! SERIOUSLY?!)… see this on the Garmin….

8.30 036

The post-race Garmin shot continues….*breathe*!

jacket 004

Grabbing the jacket came Before FOOD and after crossing the Finish Line!
Yes, it reads “Finisher”. LOVE.
(and yes, this shot was taken back at the house)


The Stats:

1:25:45 – Official Time
@ 8:34 min/mile average
25/82 – Age/Gender Place
1243 / 4558 – Overall Place


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