Annapolis 10-mile Race: photos, part 1

Starting our walk to the stadium at 6:40 a.m., we were greeted with a blanket of humidity and typical August morning temperatures. I had No expectations and no Goal time; start slow, find the pace-of-the-day, enjoy some “trials”, enjoy the run, SURVIVE.

By the numbers…..

Night Before:
Hamburger: 1 (Protein+Carbs+YUM)
Brownies: 2 (can’t resist…..)
Beers: 4 (uh…oops?)

Hours of Sleep: 5

Race Day!
Ipod tunes: 0 (not allowed!)
Sweatbands: 1 (testing)
Water/Gatorade Stops: 2 (to be smart)
Hills: 6+ (I lost count…)
Cones I almost ran into: 3 (at least)
Miles: 10!!


8.30 020

Sweatband. Garmin ( oh yes, we’ll get to that!)
CLIF Bar & Sport Beans. Yum.

8.30 023

Pre-race Group shot (minus 2 peeps, who were parking)

8.30 025

I’m behind the gal in pink; next to the tall guy!

8.30 039

Post race- Feelin GOOD. We rocked it!

8.30 045

Agreed to an Oyster Shooter. Oh, the things I do for Tuesday Trials…

8.30 048

Ivan: “Well, you have to drink the beer faster!” Uh huh, NOW you tell me….

8.30 044

A new “distance”, another successful race. *Clink*

8.30 049

Mimosas: Check! Oyster shooters: Check! Finally full of REAL FOOD: Check!


Actual Race deatils?
You know they’re comin’…


Let's Hear It!

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