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Fitness #FaceofFitness Contest!

I entered this* on a total whim the other day, and actually think I was pretty late to the game – it shows on the contest that voting started October 19 and ends today? – but regardless, I’m in!

Fitness Magazine’s Face of Fitness Contest
(tweet/share with #FaceofFitness hashtag)


As of yesterday I went from #229 to #30, and now it’s kind of exciting and I’m here to ask for your support! You can see my submission below, and if you’re so inclined, please click through to vote:

lululemon Georgetown Ambassador Run 1

Vegetarian BQ Marathoner

By day I am a corporate wellness dietitian, coaching people to change their lives and make healthier choices. By any other time I am a runner and yogi, spreading my passion with anyone who will listen, run or stretch with me! I lead weekly group runs as the Georgetown lululemon Run Ambassador, share my adventures in fitness through my blog – – and join fitness groups around DC to meet like-minded people. Two years ago I cut out meat from my diet, and was training for my first marathon. My own food philosophies and habits were evolving. Now I have four full marathons behind me, and as of October 2012 I am a Boston-qualifier. I love to help people realize that finding your fitness passion will open doors in every aspect of life! By challenging yourself you realize what you’re truly capable of – that the lines of your comfort zone should always be tested. My face is always smiling because fitness teaches me how to grow and become the best version of myself!


I sort of have a career history with Fitness magazine…we continue to cross paths!


Thank you for your vote and/or for coming here to read the story!



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MCM Week: Race Prep, Gear & OMG

We’re down to four days, one easy run, one race expo plus a lot of meals, sleeping hours and obsessive-weather-checks to go! It is most definitely goal-race-week, as my stomach instantly feels butterflies at the mere mention of the marathon. I know that’s a good sign; I’m ready, but humble. I’ve done this before, but that doesn’t make it easy.

The Marine Corps Marathon {Official} Facebook page is keeping us posted with updates, motivational thoughts and the signs we’ll see as each mile ticks by…

MCMMCM Mile markers

Physical Prep: I was shocked pleasantly surprised by how well last year’s race went, so I thought why not look back and see what that race-week prep looked like (how is it that we can forget these things we’ve done so.many.times??):  3.1 miles, Yoga, 5 miles, Rest, 5 miles, Rest, RACE.

So far this week: 6 miles, 4 miles (with the lululemon Run Club), Rest…Yoga (Thursday), 5 miles (Friday), Rest, RACE.

Not quite the same, but not radically different. Stick with what works! Done.


Gear Prep: The weather looks like…well…um, can we not go there yet? I have a few different options in mind. I have the literal marathon crops from lululemon, I have orange gear to match their Mile 23 Cheer Club and I have the rain gear that I’m not yet fully accepting that I’ll have to wear (which means it won’t rain – RIGHT?).

Run A marathon crops lululemonIMG_3331


Either way, I know the staples that will be with me rain or shine: Nike Pegasus 28s, my Camelbak, a luluemon 50-Rep sports bra and comfy socks (plus an extra pair on D just in case. See: rain).


O.M.G.: There’s a tropical storm coming. I don’t know if it will make it all the way up to DC, but the words tropical STORM are being repeated over and over by these crazy weather people! That’s all.

To distract myself, D & I are watching a lot of Hulu,  I’m spending time with friends (see: walk-date, yoga-date, Friday happy-hour date…) and I’m reading a lot of posts from last Fall that tell me why I’m doing this. There were quite a few points along this training cycle that led me to question whether or not the right motivation was behind this; rereading my own words has always been the most solid reminder that I’m in the right place.

I remembered the original goal I set, and the gusto behind the words I wrote. I remembered a lesson learned from Kate, and was reminded of a manifesto that never fails – DO IT NOW.

MCM postrace bundleMCM 2011 PR

The original goal this time around – 3:30.

The gusto:

That leaves a lot of work to be done between now and October 28, 2012….

Challenge, accepted!

Dear Challenge, I hope you’re ready for me & these legs.

We’re ready for you!


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TTT: MCM Training Gear

A short list of things are complete necessities to get you through any training cycle. In no particular order, I think they are: attitude checks, routes you can remember (and enjoy), gear you love and shoes you trust. Water and food are in there, too, but those are filed under “life” necessities. So, we’ll them there.

Training is the time to try new things if you’re up for it, so you know what will work best for race day. I used the summer to stock up on my favorite lululemon gear (see: Speed shorts & Run Swiftly tees), readjust to carrying water on the run and…wait for it…try new shoes. Completely new to me, after running in the exact same shoe for 2.5+ years.

Nike changed the Pegasus! The 29’s appearance says it all. Rude.

Six weeks later, what started as a few random aches and weird cramps and other things that should never feel normal turned into chronic pain. I limped around the office one day because my ankle hurt after a 5-miler. Here’s your sign.

All of that said, here’s some new (and new-old) gear carrying me through a few miles these days:

1. Purple Pegasus Shoes! The good ones! I searched ALL over for these things (online running warehouses, local running stores, Zappos), and finally found them on Ebay. Thank you, fellow Pegasus lover who bought two pairs but only needed one!  Their best quality? Look at that design…

purple nike pegasus shoes

Immediately my feet and joints felt better. I should’ve known. Stick with what works! Don’t test out new shoes during the first few weeks of marathon training without a back-up safety net around. Whew.

2. lululemon Run: Turbo shorts – These were given to me by the Georgetown store to run around in and see what I liked and/or disliked about them.

Likes: blue, side pockets, waistband pockets & slightly more length than the Speed version.

lulu turbo shorts blue

My only dislike is that the ruffling on the side is a bit stiff, so they don’t feel as free-and-flowy as the speed short always does. Otherwise, I now have beautiful blue shorts (with tons of pockets – big plus!)  in my rotation. Win!

3. lululemon Run: Light as Air Skirt…

As I strolled into run club last week, the Georgetown crew had their usual welcoming smiles that said “We have something for you!”

lulu run skirt black

I don’t think they realize that they broke my no-skirt streak…

I’m not “against” the running skirt, per se, it’s just that it’s not me. It’s not something I seek out, and definitely not something I would run in. Not for any reason other than I played soccer growing up. So, there’s that.

My opinion? lululemon makes adorable running skirts, but I never would have picked one up and bought it. Test it out? Take it home? Run in it for Tuesday’s 5-miler? Well, I mean…okay…

It was so comfortable. I totally forgot I was wearing a skirt, and seriously? Those things are cute. You got me, lulu! So tricky.

I probably won’t continue to run in this, but you bet I will wear it around on a casual weekend or maybe for a tennis game? (When I think skirt I can only associate it with tennis.) It’s in my wardrobe now, and I’m not ashamed of it.


What gear do you deem essential to your training cycles?


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Sweat & Stretch Once a Day: 20, Run, Yoga

Summer training, in any form, doesn’t often produce a line-up of pleasantries. I had delusions of a lower temperature long-run day and fading humidity levels, only to be proven very wrong by Friday morning’s agenda. It was still August; it was still hot; summer had one last point to prove before its inevitable Labor Day weekend rodeo.

I ran 20 miles, physically and mentally capable, sweating out every last ounce of doubt and drinking in every last ounce of my poor, sweat-soaked Camelbak.

seems impossible until it's done texts with D post-Long run

Yep. So, it was done.
{Ignore the delirious misspelling of today. I cannot type on the iPhone.}

I was happy to have run a hilly route and still felt strong, and to have actually made it through the last mile without calling it a day early. Small successes make a big difference at this point in the game! I’ll take them.

If you want to run 20-miles in Northwest DC, my route included:

  • North Connecticut Avenue up to Bradley Rd (crossing Maryland state line)
  • West on Bradley to Little Falls Parkway* (turn on Glenbrook, which turns into LFP)
  • Follow LFP to Massachusetts Ave, turning left to run back into the District and towards American University.**
  • Backtrack on Nebraska to Van Ness, and then hit Wisconsin back to Massachusetts Ave. This is where the route looks beautiful – take Mass Ave down to Dupont. Sweet, sweet downhill.
  • Hop on Rock Creek Trail from the P Street ramp (Rose Park), loop around the monuments and back to Dupont (or your neighborhood of choice) until the count reaches “2-0”.***

*LFP does not have a sidewalk, but does have a wide shoulder. Run with caution & without headphones!

**Your legs will not thank me for this. Be prepared to go up, Up, UP.

***Don’t rely on water fountains. In my experience, approximately 4 out of 5 don’t work. The one that does will be your very best friend. Be nice to it!


The rest of my day was spent “stretching” out the muscles by walking around State College, PA with D (after “resting” them in the car for 4 hours).

It had been way too long since I had strolled these familiar streets, by the classic brick buildings and underneath the gorgeously summer-green trees. My heart will always save room for this place, and my feet will always wonder why I think it’s a good idea to walk miles in sandals…

on the lion shrine 2012
Old Main September 2012


In pure enjoyment of this step-back week, I’ve been sweating and stretching with ease for the past few days! Tuesday night’s adventure included a run with my Georgetown lululemon crew followed by a post-run stretch with Shauna of The Running Yogis. This combination is pure perfection!

sweat and stretch once a day Not convinced by our forward folds and yoga-glow smiles? Well CNN took a stab at convincing runners that yoga is their friend, too!

“The breaking point came six years ago, when I injured my hamstring at the beginning of Grandma’s Marathon…

I figured if I wanted to keep being able to run, I had better learn how to stand still.”

Hurry up and stand still: Why runners need yoga

It’s becoming more and more important for me to schedule in some Om-time alongside the increasing miles per week. Not only do my hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes & hip-flexors need some lengthening and TLC, but my arms, abs and back could use some attention, too. They need some strength to hold me up for 3+ hours of running, and my mind needs some rest to put up with the fact that we’re doing this cycle all over again.

Cross training is my friend, and yoga is its halo. So far, we’re checking all boxes!


What’s your mantra during training? What alternative forms of sweat/stretch-ing are must-haves in your routine?


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TTT: Lulu Runversions, Sweet Tacos & Chobani Beach Power

In this week’s TTT we run, we eat, we chobani-beach.


1) Our lululemon Georgetown run club likes to mix things up a bit, and our post-run yoga gals had something in mind for this week’s dose of random. After our trail+bridges run – incorporating the Roosevelt Island loop into a 3 or 5.5 mile loop – we all met back up at the store for some stretching and strengthening.

Then, we went upside down! Because, well, why not?

Running Yogisinversions 1

Meet: The Running Yogis, and their inversion demos.

inversions 2 inversions 3

After showing us how it’s done, we all had wall-space and as much time as we wanted to play around. Inversions involve a lot of muscle activation; joining the forces of your legs, core and arms you’ll stay up with “ease”. Learning to get those three groups to work together is the trick.

I think we got it…

inverted running yogis Thanks, Shauna & Johanna! We heart you, and your crazy post-run ideas.

2) Running, inverting and walking home leave this chick starved and up for anything. As my luck would have it, D had his Chef’s hat on for the night.

On our menu – Sweet Potato Tofu Tacos

sweet potato tofu tacos

These were inspired by a recipe in the Feed Zone Cookbook, by Allen Lim (cycling chef icon). D improvised a bit, but the gist of these easy, quick, feed-these-athletes-NOW tacos looks like this (for two servings):

Sweet Potatoes (1-2)
1/2 block tofu
~1/2 cup sliced yellow onion
4 corn tortillas
1/2 avocado, chopped
Seasonings to taste: cinnamon, cilantro, salt/pepper

Microwave or bake sweet potatoes until softened. Mash with a fork (skin on or peeled, up to you and how much fiber you want!). Crumble tofu into tiny pieces, sautéing in 1 Tbsp olive oil for 3-4 minutes. Add mashed potatoes, sliced yellow onion and seasonings of choice (D went with cilantro & cinnamon). Heat the tortillas in the oven (Broil) or on a heated skillet (cooking 1-2 minutes on each side).

Serve as tacos with salsa & avocado garnish to taste.


3) Thanks to an impromptu race sign-up on Monday night (for him) that coupled with a surprise package delivery (for her), we will be having a CHObani-powered beach trip this weekend!

chobani beach

Yes, that is the largest CHOBANI beach towel ever, and I can’t wait to use it. Along with the towel came a screw-top water bottle, a beach-bag armed with speakers (we have yet to really figure this out, but it has speakers!) and a recipe card.

Chobani, you never cease to surprise n’ delight. We’re more than happy to spread the Naturally Powered word all around the Virginia beach for you!


What’s got you upside down this week?
Any mini weekend trips coming up?


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The Storm Before the Calm {Recipes & Moves}

We’re halfway through the week, barely done packing and heading West on a jet-plane in just a few hours. Hello, Wednesday, it’s so good to see you.

Before leaving the District, the last few days were jam-packed with good eats, pools of sweat and a complete downpour that has the temps back within the manageable heat range. Our fridge is clear, as the result of a few new recipe creations; my muscles ache, demanding rest, thanks to a few workouts that challenged them.

And, thanks to the (possibly dysfunctional, thankstotherain) iPhone, we have frozen moments to show it all off! We’ll start with the nutrients – welcome the newest salads in my rotation:

White Bean, Yellow Squash & Red Pepper Salad

white bean and veggie salad

In the mix: sauteed kale & yellow summer squash (thanks to Good Life Farm); sliced cucumber (also fresh off the Farm), red pepper and avocado; rinsed white beans, black pepper & a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

Citrus Kale Salad (a la Eat Live Run’s Detox Salad)

kale & orange almond salad

In the mix: kale, orange slices, chopped avocado & sliced almonds. I drizzled a little bit of olive oil & balsamic vinegar on mine, but her salad dressing recipe sounds tasty, too!


Once they’re fueled with all the good stuff, muscles move!

Yoga at work, yoga after work…

sidecrow at workstudio dc yoga after work

D on the bike, lemons on the run {Chris of Crossfit Dupont, about to rock us}…

chantilly criterium 7.2012lulu run bootcamp 7.10.12

lululemon run club workout – 4.5 mi run, bootcamp in the middle!

40 seconds of each: squats, push-ups, mountain climbers
Run the stairs in between!

The views are a great distraction:

steps behind lincoln view 7.10.12
view from Iwo jima 7.10.12


And once the muscles are exhausted, it’s time to rest.

This vacation has been on our agenda for months; we can’t wait to see family and old friends, soak up the Southwestern rays and explore some new (to D) areas of the desert! We’re ready for the calm that comes with a nice glass of vino on my parent’s deck, sleeping in and relaxing at home.

8.29.11 029

What storms are brewing in your world?

Humor me, it’s a long trip back…


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Summer Yogi Salad

Biking to and from free Yoga (courtesy of the Running Yogis!) at the Georgetown lululemon last night provided the sweat-overload that the unheated class did not. A mere 6 miles on the bike should never be that taxing, but Summer has its point to prove.

The absolute last thing I would’ve done is turn on the oven to cook/bake. Our kitchen is narrow and cozy – cute? Yes. Airy and Open? Not so much.

We barely avoided the cereal-for-dinner trap, instead deciding to use up the last of our salad greens (spinach leaves & lettuce) to fill up on real nutrients.

{Simple} Summer Strawberry Salad

Perfectly refreshing after a hot summer workout – whether your version of that involves heated vinyasa, cycling, running, etc.

Strawberries, sliced
Cucumber, sliced
Pecans, crushed
Tofu (sautéed in olive oil)
Salad greens
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Measurements are up to you – fill up and enjoy!

Strawberry tofu salad

There is nothing out-of-this-foodie-world creative about this salad. It’s simple, and sometimes we need a good reminder that that’s just fine. We gave ourselves points for going with a colorful bowl of fresh produce instead of what we’d probably have for breakfast less than 12 hours later. Tofu is our choice of protein, but to each their own!


What’s on your go-to oven-free dinner menu?

We have our first 100* day here in the District, with many more surely to come. All suggestions welcome!


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