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Update Your Feeds, Readers & Subscriptions!

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder that while the url is the same, the server is new! Please come join us at (note that this site is now and update your (RSS) Feeds, (Google) Readers & (E-mail / WordPress) Subscriptions accordingly! Just copy and past the new url – found over here! – and you’ll be all set to go.

Soon these pages will fully retire, and we’ll resume running, eating & yoga-ing in the new space!

Catch ya on the flip side!


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Resting & Switching… (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday)!

These blog pages are taking a rest while I finally get everything transferred to a self-hosted site. Thing still look the same, they’re just switching over to the .com (i.e. world.  All of the posts are now here, Dietitian on the Run – so update your Google Readers, e-mail subscriptions, etc.  I’m sure there will be some hiccups in the process, but what better time to switch it over and rest than when we’re all trotting, celebrating, feasting and resting – right?

See you soon!


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Fitness #FaceofFitness Contest!

I entered this* on a total whim the other day, and actually think I was pretty late to the game – it shows on the contest that voting started October 19 and ends today? – but regardless, I’m in!

Fitness Magazine’s Face of Fitness Contest
(tweet/share with #FaceofFitness hashtag)


As of yesterday I went from #229 to #30, and now it’s kind of exciting and I’m here to ask for your support! You can see my submission below, and if you’re so inclined, please click through to vote:

lululemon Georgetown Ambassador Run 1

Vegetarian BQ Marathoner

By day I am a corporate wellness dietitian, coaching people to change their lives and make healthier choices. By any other time I am a runner and yogi, spreading my passion with anyone who will listen, run or stretch with me! I lead weekly group runs as the Georgetown lululemon Run Ambassador, share my adventures in fitness through my blog – – and join fitness groups around DC to meet like-minded people. Two years ago I cut out meat from my diet, and was training for my first marathon. My own food philosophies and habits were evolving. Now I have four full marathons behind me, and as of October 2012 I am a Boston-qualifier. I love to help people realize that finding your fitness passion will open doors in every aspect of life! By challenging yourself you realize what you’re truly capable of – that the lines of your comfort zone should always be tested. My face is always smiling because fitness teaches me how to grow and become the best version of myself!


I sort of have a career history with Fitness magazine…we continue to cross paths!


Thank you for your vote and/or for coming here to read the story!


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NHBPM WEGO Prompt: My Health Library

I fully credit the movie Food Inc. with changing my entire food, and health, philosophy. There were small changes being made up to the minute before I watched it in full, but it was undoubtedly my tipping point. Coincidentally, that film led to an interest in picking up more books on subjects of interest (see: nutrition, food, health, mindset, etc.).

Today’s NHBPM prompt asked for a book report – what’s your favorite book and how does it tie into your health/life? Given the way I’ve added to our “library” over the past two years, that’s a loaded question! I can’t pick one, as these have all added a flavor to life that I didn’t know was missing.

If you took a glance at our bookshelf buffet, your eyes would have a hard time resisting these…



All the Money in the World   Books


Food rules    In Defense of Food


Animal vegetable Miracle   Skinny Dish Cooking with trader Joe's


Click on any of the above if you’re intrigued. They’re all worth your time, dollars and brain-chewing energy! Most of them are still stacked near my nightstand (except for the cookbook, which clearly belongs right near the food!), dog-eared pages n’ all ready to be picked up and indulged when I’m craving their words.

I’m actually glad I’m only about half-way through In Defense of Food; it’s like fully tasting, and savoring, those last few bites of a decadent dessert.


What’s in your health library?

Any one favorite book that I should be adding to this group?


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WEGO Health Soapbox: Why I (Mostly) Avoid Dairy

I’ve signed up for the WeGo National Health post prompts (thanks to Sassy). I won’t touch on all 30 days, but I think it’s a great way to get some (hopefully) thought-provoking posts up here.

So, for now, we take a break from running…and I step on a soapbox.


The back-story: After a lot of back-and-forth deciding what may be causing D some chronic discomfort, he finally let me play dietitian and test out a few theories. Eventually, we cut dairy and gluten from his diet – ergo, mine at home, too – and voila! Problem (mostly) solved! Just in time for the summer and his cycling season, whew.

got milk you dont need it
(Photo source)

Further back: I stopped drinking cow’s milk right after college, finally realizing I very obviously didn’t tolerate it well*. I stuck with yogurt and hard cheeses because they have little-to-no lactose thanks to the fermentation process. For the lactose-intolerant, they’re generally safe. For the dairy/milk-intolerant (often associated with the protein, not the sugar), they’re not.

*Cow’s milk is the number one cause of food allergies among infants & children.

Approximately 33% of adults are lactose-intolerant, and 75% have a decrease in lactase activity (the enzyme that breaks down lactose). These numbers significantly higher in African-, Native-, Mexican- and Asian-American populations (75 & 90% respectively).

For long-time readers, you may recall a love-affair with vegetable pizzas – homemade or a la the pizzerias of the world. After cutting out meat and poultry, it was a fun dish to be creative with and never miss the meat! When eating out, it was an easy go-to for a “vegetarian” option.

Alas, you may have noticed less pizza appearing on these pages as of late…

I’ll be  the first to admit that melted cheese leaves little to be desired in any dish. But knowing what I do now, and with all stomach discomforts left in the dust, it’s easy to avoid. And we have.

cow milk production then and now
cows milk production 2
(Photo source)

Cows treated with hormones means you’re drinking those hormones. The solution? You can opt to buy organic milks and look for packaging that clarifies something along the lines of “not treated with rBST”.

If nothing else, do this!

{There are a handful of companies responsibly producing dairy products that I’ve supported – notably, Chobani & Stoneyfield – and continue to follow for their quality initiatives, health promotion and community outreach.}


So, let’s say you’re in the minority of adults that are fully able to digest lactose and you buy organic, hormone-free milks, cheeses and yogurts…

Then, what’s the problem?

milk studies
(Photo source)

Here are a few other reasons to think about decreasing your dairy intake:

  • “In multiple, peer-reviewed animal studies, researchers discovered that they could actually turn the growth of cancer cells on and off by raising and lowering doses of casein, the main protein found in cow’s milk.”
    China Study Cheat Sheet
  • “Some of the “experts” who helped create the pyramid actually work for the dairy industry, which makes the US Department of agriculture’s {dairy} recommendations reflect industry interests, not science or our best interests.”
    “Countries with the lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.”
    Dr. Mark Hymann – Dairy: 6 Reasons you Should Avoid it
  • “Dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yogurt, may worsen asthmatic symptoms…High-fat dairy products may worsen inflammation.”
    Foods to Avoid When Asthmatic
    Of note: there isn’t significant research (yet) to support this. The only testament is word-of-mouth & posts like this.
  • “…the truth is that {milk}  isn’t the only way to work toward your 1,000-a-day {recommended mg of calcium}. We gathered some of the most calcium-rich foods out there (including many vegan and vegetarian options) — just be sure to pair each of them with adequate vitamin D intake (the body needs this nutrient to absorb calcium, and milk is already fortified with it).”
    Surprisingly Calcium-rich Foods that Aren’t Milk


What are those other calcium-rich foods? Things that I would bet most of you already eat, anyway!

white bean salad bowl of kale almond trail mix

Things like: salmon, kale, almonds, white beans, oranges, dried figs, arugula, broccoli, sunflower seeds & soy products (milk, beans/edamame, tofu, etc.).

Milk-substitutes: I primarily drink Almond Milk because I prefer the taste and consume other soy products throughout the week (tofu, edamame, etc.).


I do believe in approaching all things with moderation. If you’re not up for cutting out dairy completely, just consider reducing your intake.

We’ve learned it can be frustratingly hard to completely avoid dairy – most restaurants use butter/creams in various cooking methods and sometimes  I’ll find “milk” on the allergen list of random foods like BBQ chips or dark chocolate (not okay – that’s what milk chocolate is for!). Sometimes it’s in dips, sauces, etc that I wouldn’t think of. And there are some random days when my 80/20 attitude kicks in, and that’s okay. For me.

Last week I bought organic peppermint patties at Whole Foods, and then saw “milk powder” low on the ingredient list. I didn’t care enough not to enjoy and indulge.

I’m not perfect and I would never expect anyone else to be. But, I care passionately about my health; the information here is too hard to ignore, and it’s worth mentioning that we are the only  species that drinks another animal’s milk. It’s not healthy nor environmentally responsible. Even reducing your intake – vs. eliminating it entirely – will make a difference.

“Eat Food. Not too Much. Mostly Plants.” – this will never steer you in the wrong direction. {Michael Pollan}


And with that, I step off my soap box!

There’s always a sensitive discussion to be had around food. I think it’s important to be open and honest, especially as a dietitian, and I hope you’re along for the ride.


Lactose Intolerance Statistics (source: National Digestive Disease Information)

China Study: 10 Things You Need to Know

Learn Stuff: Got Milk? Infographic

USDA ERS – Dairy: Background


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Navy-Air Force Half-Marathon: Run Like You Feel It

In my opinion, this is (was) the perfect race day: sunshine, no humidity, 65-70* and a course that starts on the National Mall (biased, my favorite city). What makes it better? Taking a bike from door to start-line, seeing the sun rise over buildings and quiet streets, with D along for the ride.

Seriously. The clouds were cotton-candy blue and purple; we cruised down on our two wheels in cool morning air, a race + brunch with friends on the agenda. This life is good.

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon gearNavy-Air Force Half Marathon morning 2

The only factor that didn’t follow suit? Choosing a bowl of vegetable chili + fries for dinner the night before (where was my race-day-prep brain? Not a clue!) and a slightly unsettling race-day morning stomach (see: dinner decision…oof).


Ah well. We’ve got some miles to tackle…

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon _ usNavy-Air Force Half Marathon Monument morning

The gear: lululemon Run: Speed shorts & Run Swiftly tech-tee (my absolute favorites), Nike Pegasus 28+ purple shoes  & D’s Nike watch (for time).

The fuel: banana + peanut-butter breakfast (+ H20, of course); water at mile 9 (thanks to D on the bike!).

The test: run a PR without the handy-dandy Garmin keeping me on track; use old-fashioned addition & subtraction along with a stop-watch. Remind myself what it feels like to race; find that dig-deep pace and stick with it.

The execution:

I started out running by feel and trying to keep things in check – don’t burn too much too fast, don’t get too far behind. The first visible mile marker was for the 5-miler – not that we knew this, being the first thing we saw either way. My instinct said there was no way any of us were running an 11 min/mile pace, ergo these flags are way off… or the Nike watch has gone rogue (please no!).

We finally saw the first red marker (i.e. for the 1/2-m), “3”, and the 23:30 that my screen read was a huge relief. Good to go…

From there it was a do-math + zone-out game. D & Ivan zipped around on their bikes to see us gals a few times and snap some photos. I kept adding “7:30” to 1-13 to make sure I wasn’t doing anything crazy, too-comfy or slow. At mile marker 6, the clock read “45:00”.

Another 45 minutes = 12 miles + 1.1 mile @ 7:30-ish = 1:38-ish? Whoop! Keep it goin’…

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon _ Independence Ave

Hey, sunshine!

By the turn-around point on Rock Creek Parkway I was in that mid/late-race low where the pace is catching up to me and the “4 miles to go” doesn’t work any mental countdown magic.

By the time we hit the “10” flag, my math & watch were in sync and there was no letting anything slip from here on out! 3.1 miles…

By the time we hit “12” I was so pumped to be exactly on schedule (1:30), but so ready to be done that I started counting light poles & white stripes on the road. Must. Distract. Self!

By the time we hit the corner with less than 0.25 miles to go everyone was yelling “It’s downhill after this!” and we were all responding with perked ears, legs & feet. THANK YOU, course planners! Genius.

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon PR face

Whoa, that was tough…

Mission accomplished!

I hit my goal, PR’d by ~30 seconds, and was too surprised that there were no major issues to really let any of that sink in. Sweet relief. It was done, my speed was tested and I got a hint of what’s to come in the next 6 weeks before MCM.

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon _ PRsNavy-Air Force Half Marathon us_finish

Fellow racer + PR’r, favorite race-supporter!

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon finish time

It’s no Garmin shot, but it works. Lap functions have yet to be figured out here.

Navy-Air Force Inaugural Half-Marathon

1:38:24 , 7:31 min/mile avg.
AG (F 25-29): 8/231
Overall: 177 / 1732


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In the Mind of an 80/20 Perspective

I’m not a girl drawn to extremes, whatever they may be. I don’t often cut something out of my mind completely, whether it’s a food, sport, travel destination, career choice, etc. If nothing else, we should have options, right? Right.

I’ve never thought that a situation had to be all or nothing, and when they are, I tend to change things pretty quickly (whether I realize it or not). Enter, my 80/20 perspective. With or without always meaning to, my life falls into this balance in almost all aspects (maybe, say, 80% of them?).

This may be completely different from, or exactly the same as, the 80/20 business model. I couldn’t tell you, because that has always confused me.

Either way, this is how my mind works:

80% of the time I don’t consume meat, poultry or fish. 20% of the time, I splurge on a grilled salmon dish, or shrimp skewers, or seared scallops. I do not like the word “pescetarian”, so I don’t use it.

Chickpea radish spinach saladwhite bean and veggie saladfresh strawberriesHLS 006

80% of the time I run without a plan or real distance in mind until about 5 minutes before I head out the door. 20% of the time (i.e. Saturdays), I have something specific in mind (i.e. 10+ miles).

National Mall Run

80% of the time I sit on an exercise ball, or stand at my work desk. 20% of the time I want to slouch, sit on a cushioned chair, and let it be lazily comfortable.

80% of the time I read thought-provoking articles, stumble across golden websites that I can’t help but subscribe to and “like” on Facebook, read a great novel, or watch a movie that changes something about my thought process (I love all of these things). 20% of the time I remember enough to share with you, too.

new things collage

80% of the time I’m a regular yogi, paying enough attention to go at least once per week and get a quality dose of Om-time. 20% of the time I do a few stretches at home, fit in a few plank-holds and call it good.

studio dc yoga after worksidecrow at workyoga mat strap

80% of the time I remember I’m training for MCM, actively work to get a little bit faster on the run, and put some effort into finishing up my training plan (oh, that is…almost done…). 20% of the time I just go for a run, and stick to what I know works.

run lulu, run bagsNewShoes 008MCM PR

80% of the time I operate on a Why not?, Say Yes, Of course I’m in! attitude, and love every minute of it. 20% of the time there are reservations, and I give my mind a little bit of time to catch up.

7.4.2011 043manitou-springs-incline-13-337x450img_0696_0032


Are you an 80/20-er? Or an all-out, all-the-time extreme liver? To each their own, as long as it works for you!


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