Update Your Feeds, Readers & Subscriptions!

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder that while the url is the same, the server is new! Please come join us at DietitianontheRun.com (note that this site is now .wordpress.com) and update your (RSS) Feeds, (Google) Readers & (E-mail / WordPress) Subscriptions accordingly! Just copy and past the new url – found over here! – and you’ll be all set to go.

Soon these pages will fully retire, and we’ll resume running, eating & yoga-ing in the new space!

Catch ya on the flip side!


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One response to “Update Your Feeds, Readers & Subscriptions!

  1. runningoutofsteam

    Why am I having such a hard time getting my wordpress app to update the right address? I am even trying to update right from the internet (wordpress’ website). It keeps taking me back to the original website address.

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