NHBPM WEGO Prompt: Calling BS…

Per the WEGO health post prompt today, I’m ready to call “BS” on a few things.

Any health-world professional will tell you that there are too many ways to accomplish one goal –weight loss, health improvements, muscle toning…whatever it may be – some great, some ridiculous. Most people go for the quick fixes, while some are in it for the “long haul” (hello, life).

The fluctuating trends in nutrition and fitness are even confusing to professionals at times – your friend told you almonds do WHAT? you’re running backwards because of {insert new theory on gait-changing}? you bought that super-food for HOW much?  – and we try hard to keep up! It’s anyone’s guess as to how these get started, but thanks to our friend the internet they spread so dang quickly.

Enter: blogs. Our space and time to speak without interruption! If I may, here are a few things I’d like to call BS on…


We all remember the craze of “100 Calories!” snack-packs, yes? I think they’re still around, but thankfully I see them less and less.

We all know that it’s pretty easy to only snack on 100 calories, right? And it doesn’t have to be in the form of depressingly small “cookie” discs? It can be a banana, a grapefruit, a large apple, a baked sweet/regular potato, a small handful of nuts, a spoonful of peanut butter or even few pieces of dark chocolate. The list goes on and on. Nobody needs to tell you exactly how many calories are in your snack – if they feel like they do, you should probably feel like there’s no need to listen.


Oil separation = a beautiful thing. Get stirring…

Reduced-fat peanut butter:

Let’s show peanuts some love! They don’t need anyone messing with them, and they certainly don’t need any sugar in their butter. Yep, reduced fat peanut butter is just sweetened and plumped up with additives (read: crap) to make up for the missing fat. It’s just an oil and it’s plenty healthy for you. Plus, some of those vitamins and minerals in there need fat for storage. They’ll thank you for going au natural.


Clearly, as a meat-free eater, I’m biased here. And I’ll be the first to say there’s room for balance in all things – indulge, enjoy, balance, repeat. But the praising of bacon has gone a little bit far, especially when we consider what it is– cured pork meat, mostly fat. That’s it. There’s no rejoicing in the hidden nutritional content here! Nope, it’s just a lot of saturated fat, salt and protein.

If you’re a bacon-lover, enjoy a strip here and there with breakfast, or around a scallop or chocolate-dipped if you’re so inclined. But chew with caution!

cat energy drink

Energy-drinks, “Full of B vitamins!”:

You’re a smart crowd – you probably know full well that energy drinks, with their crazy loud claims and 1980s-style commercials, can’t have anything good going for them. Serious health risks aside (important to note, though), they are not your ideal source of B vitamins.

You’d be surprised how many people seem to think otherwise, and are genuinely swayed to maybe believe these drink-makers for 1.2 seconds when they see the “nutrition” information. Wait, what?…1000% of Vitamin b12?!

No food/drink/product needs to provide you with 1000% of anything; aside from the obvious fact that this can’t be natural in any way, the body can’t absorb all of that! Your urine will be pretty amped up, though.


I’m sure that list could go on forever, but we’ll leave it at that for now.

Health-enthusiasts (I’m looking at you) – what would you love to call “BS” on?



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15 responses to “NHBPM WEGO Prompt: Calling BS…

  1. My biggest gripe and call of BS is about diet soda. I know there aren’t any calories, but why just pump yourself full of chemicals?! Gross. 😦

  2. I love that you called BS on bacon everything! It drives me crazy when people at work ooh and ahh over the latest bacon____ craze, whether it’s a dessert or appetizer!

  3. hmgreenawalt

    Coconut Craze = BS! Seriously, people! It’s FULL of saturated fat….I know plenty of people who are switching out their dairy/soy/almond milk for coconut milk because they think it’s healthier. And coconut water…I heard one woman walking out of my hot yoga class saying, “urgh, I don’t like coconut water but I drink it cuz I know it’s good for me.” I wanted to tell her she could just eat a banana and drink some water. At any rate, I know that coconut oil is great for cooking with since it is stable when cooked to high heat but that idea definitely doesn’t transfer to the milk.

  4. ahhh yes! the 100 calories snacks drive me bonkers! they should rename them 100 ingredient packs

  5. Katie

    In addition to the peanut butter… reduced fat ANYTHING, really. It’s all loaded with extra sugar and who knows what else! ick! When I was in college, I lived in a sorority that purchased only nonfat products. My weight skyrocketed. After I graduated, I started eating real food again (e.g. butter instead of margarine – in moderation of course) and my weight came back down. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Haha I love this post! So true about the 100 calorie packs- those are always so full of chemicals!

  7. I hate Lean Cuisines/other frozen pre-made “diet” meals…the calories aren’t right for a MEAL, nor are they healthy for you!

  8. I enjoy bacon as much as the next guy, but it’s definitely a once-in-the-while indulgence.

    The array of “energy drinks” on the market now is alarming, especially when they are trying to advertise as some kind of healthy choice. As if!

  9. Pretty much anything that Dr. Oz says/promotes I would like to call BS on. Ugh, the bacon flavored everything is nuts too. I remember seeing the Bacon-flavored vodka a few years ago and wondering why in the world people thought that was okay.

    I’m not against the 100 calorie packs necessarily. Do I think they are usually 100 calories of crap-tastic food…you bet!! I do like them because they provide a more definitive ‘portion’ though. If someone is normally eating oreos out of the regular container and not wanting to give them up, these 100 kcal packs can be helpful in reducing their intake.

    I personally struggle with portion control of snack foods and if I don’t get a chance to portion them off [i.e. – put a serving of nuts in to my little almond tin] I will overeat them. Along the same lines I avoid buying ice cream by the 1/2 gallon and instead opt for individual mini containers or bars as having food already packaged in to portions helps me to stick to one serving.

    Just my thought on those though!

  10. Yes, yes, yes!!
    You are so right about the snack-pack craze. Directly taking away from the fact you should be listening to your body for hunger cues.

    I’m on the leave the little peanut alone train. Great points!

    Really liked this read:)

  11. Mamacita

    Good post Heather!!

  12. Jen

    I agree with everything you mentioned, as well as the comments made by fellow readers. I’d also like to add how disturbing it is that 5 hour energy partnered with the Avon Foundation for Women with Breast Cancer to offer pink lemonade flavored drinks. I’m happy to see they are getting support, but I don’t approve of the sponsor. It sends the wrong message.

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