Marathon Recovery Week: Rest & Routine

Well, if there’s one thing that will make sure you stay in and rest after a marathon it is a hurricane warning! Thanks, Sandy.

We lucked out for the marathon on Sunday, with nearly perfect conditions (save for some windy miles), and that luck continued. The storm passed over us resulting in two days working from home and a few without power in the area. But in the District we saw little other than rain, wind, and sacrificed leaves, branches and public transportation.

NY & up the coast – we’re all pulling for your recovery. Come to DC if you need an escape – we’re welcoming!

So, with that, recovery week has been easy (as it should be)!

No running – duh. I take one full week off after a marathon; usually I’m stir-crazy by day 3 and really ready to go by day 5. This week? We’re at day 4 and I have zero desire to test anything out and am still feeling tight up and down the legs. I went for a walk today, which is the closest I’ll get to a “stride” for at least another few days.

Yoga, please! I bought a yoga pass last week with every intention to use it all up during my post-race refrain-from-running phase. In an effort to ease back in, I went to Sunrise Yoga on Wednesday morning. The instructor, recognizing most of us in the class, almost decided that since we were all ‘experienced’ it could be a tough class! Then she saw our 6:30 am reaction and said, “What, did you guys run a marathon or something?

MCM recovery yoga


Luckily I wasn’t alone –another racer + run-group friend was there, too. Well, um, we did, actually…take it easy on us!

Fuel me up! Refueling on Sunday was rough. I could barely stomach brunch – more salty potatoes, please! – and tried hard to eat in response to cravings for the rest of the day.

What’s a marathoners best friend? Take-out! My instagram words: “amazingly convenient when your legs don’t want to move. #hungryrunner”

Takeout dinner

The rest of the week has been an effort to fuel the bottomless pit that is my stomach. Homemade pizzas, quinoa, chips, hummus, veggies, pumpkin, etc…

homemade gf pizzaspumpkin cooking

Hydrate & replenish: the drinks of choice have been water and coffee, but yes there’s been a glass of vino & a beer with that pizza.


This race rocked me up and down – my abs hurt to laugh on Monday, and my back was stiff until Wednesday. The soreness is still lingering and that makes me happy in a masochistic way. I left everything in those miles, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This month will be one of deep rest, as Katie puts it. I have one race on the agenda – the Run for Shelter 10K on 11/17 – and a lot of yoga in mind. Otherwise, I’ll run easy when I feel like it and try to stick with a loose routine so I can start fresh when I’m ready to.


What is/are your preferred recovery method/s? I’m 2-for-3 in effective 26.2 rest and rejuvenation, and always learning.



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4 responses to “Marathon Recovery Week: Rest & Routine

  1. Yoga, massages and chocolate for me 😀
    The hard part’s over, enjoy yourself!

  2. Jody

    Today was the first day I actually felt like doing more than just walking. I figured out that getting up and moving felt 100% better than sitting around with my feet up. Move. Move. Move! Yoga, and lots of water… and maybe some halloween candy last night was consumed 😉

  3. I went to a few “Flow and Restore” and “Gentle Flow” yoga classes in the two weeks post marathon which were just what I needed! I haven’t been running much, except for a few miles here and there with the dog, instead focusing on getting back in the weight room and regaining some strength! I think it is nice to back off and be unstructured after a structured training regimen!

  4. I can’t really recommend any marathon recovery methods since I’ve only done one MANY years ago. But after my usual 5 or 10k races, I like to rest, walk, do yoga and enjoy some chocolate! I’m thinking of signing up for a 1/2 marathon in June that promises champagne and chocolate at the finish line. Yep, I’d run a half for that!

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