MCM Week: Eats, Focus & the Runner Info

The race-week continues – it’s Friday and EXPO day! Whoa.

Today’s topics: the eats that are stocking my muscles up with all the right stuff, the things my brain is focused on and the number that will follow me for 26.2 miles.

MCM Weekend banner
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One thing marathoners/runners will never get tired of hearing is eat foodeat to run, run to eat! Enjoy that food and expect it to work hard for you. Have standards! Your fuel choices are getting your muscles through twenty six miles.

We haven’t done anything drastically different in the kitchen this week, but meals have been very colorful, fresh and mostly importantly, safe. Know what works and stick to it!

mixed veggie   rice lunchroasted red pepper and broccoli pastabeet asparagus and spinach quinoa salad

We’ll get to recipes later, but you see brown rice, brown rice pasta, quinoa, chickpeas, black beans, roasted red peppers, diced tomatoes, beets, peppers, avocado, oils and a lot of green things.

Breakfast hasn’t veered from the oatmeal + banana + peanut-butter routine, and snacks have been full of fruit, veggies + hummus, trail mix and dark chocolate.

My stomach and legs seem to be pretty happy with this menu. Win!


After yesterday’s weekend forecast made its way across the nation, you will find lengthy comment lists on every MCM Facebook post, runners’ updates and blogs wondering – OMG ARE WE RUNNING IN A HURRICAINE?  Well, we certainly hope not. Hold off, Sandy!

My favorite comment was actually something to the effect of “2011 – Sun, 2012 – Hurricane….2013 – Team EARTHQUAKE? Bring it on!” This chick is onto something.

MCM pulloverYoga matMCM last easy run

Thanks largely to the reminders all around me that we should only focus on what we can control, I’m good. If it rains, I’ll wear rain gear and run in wet shoes! If it doesn’t rain, I’ll wear dry clothes and run in dry shoes.

Either way, the mission 3:30:xx remains.
The plan is the same! The race will happen.

Focus only on: solid training & successful runs; the one goal in mind; what I know, what works for me; visualizing THE race.

We spent a long time in a seated meditation at yoga last night. I used that time to see myself running every single mile – for the first time ever, I’m doing the same 26.2 miles twice. I saw all of the neighborhoods, Rock Creek Parkway, the Mall, Haines Point, the bridge and Crystal City. I saw the long stretch of highway before reaching Iwo Jima and the daunting ramp to run. I got to the Finish line and saw D.  Then I saw the patch of grass that my butt will be plopping down on once sweet relief takes over and the pain sets in!

Focus on letting your passion for the run take you 26.2 miles.


In case you’re interested in tracking me as I actually run all of those sections, here’s the info:

Runner Info

You can click here to track runners.


Happy Friday!

And to fellow MCM-ers – I’ll see you out there!



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6 responses to “MCM Week: Eats, Focus & the Runner Info

  1. Good luck! I had to drop out of MCM this year due to injury. I can’t wait to hear how your race goes – you’re going to crush your goals!

  2. I’ll be tracking you! Fingers crossed for dry shoes. Good luck!!!

  3. We’re all signed up to track you! Fingers crossed for decent weather!

  4. Yes, definitely tracking you! Sounds like the taper crazies didn’t catch you too bad! Um, yeah that storm sounds a little cray cray. Let’s hope it diverts and doesn’t hit like they say it might.

  5. Mamacita

    So nice to be able to track you; good luck sweetie!!
    Love, Mamacita

  6. Very, very excited for you! I’ll be cheering you on. Impressed with your dedication and I know you’re going to do ahmazing!! Best of luck!

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