Days in the Life: Traveling & Biometric Screenings

In the next edition of the Corporate Wellness Life series, we travel!
(Part 1: Event Planning)

A few of us headed up to the West Chester, PA area earlier this week to be onsite for Biometric Screenings*. The coaches (Jared & I) act as Health Educators, while the Program Manager (PM) and PM Assistant make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ve been with this particular client for a few years now, and love being there in person to host and execute the screenings!

*We do a ton of these in the Fall! It’s our busiest season, without question.

standing hotel deskMonday morning was spent on the road, landing us at our destination in time for a late lunch (Chipotle, Round 1) and casual afternoon of catching up on some work. The TV-stand / dresser happened to be the perfect height for some standing action (see left).

We eventually headed out to dinner, checking out the local Bonefish Grill. I’ve heard a lot about these restaurants, but had yet to try one. Two thumbs up from this crew! We loved the variety of options, tasty dishes and kid-friendly atmosphere. Some Penn-State friends of mine were able to join us, with their adorable 6-month old in tow. Win!


Tuesday: Bring on Biometrics!

Jared and I both do Wellness Coaching for this client, so we took the opportunity to be onsite for the Screenings. We got to meet some of the people we work with, face-to-face, and also help them check in on some wellness goals. The signage and complimentary Screening Staff refreshments weren’t too bad, either…

Coach heather sign
screening refreshments screening snacks

We had a busy day! The 9-4 hours flew by, leaving us ready to explore the area and get some fresh air. Per a recommendation, we headed over to the downtown West Chester area (hello, old-town charm!) and right into the Iron Hill Brewery.

downtown West Chester

This place gets two thumbs-up from hungry WCS’ers for their free beer-sampling policy, sweet potato fries, fresh guacamole and healthy entrée options!

Beer sampler iron hill brewerySalmon Salad Iron Hill Brewery
Photo sources: left, right.


Wednesday: Forging on!

I had thoughts of going for a run, but there were no sidewalks near us and Jared’s description of the hotel gym (i.e. breaking my no-treadmill streak!) was far less than stellar.

Make-shift hotel workout? No problem. Grab a towel and get to it!

Hotel workout

Safe to say this was effective, as I’m still a little bit sore two days later. Mission accomplished! Next mission: more frequent make-shift at-home strength routines.


After our second session on Wednesday morning, we hit the road and checked another Chipotle stop off the list (options were a bit limited. See also: we heart Chipotle)!


Do you travel for work?
What’s your favorite way to stay fit & keep healthy habits in tow?

I’m lucky to travel with a crew that shares my priorities – tasty, healthy food and a sweat-session or two!



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8 responses to “Days in the Life: Traveling & Biometric Screenings

  1. Yes, it’s awesome how easy at home/in hotel room workouts can be with just your body weight and some jumping, squating, planking, etc. I have pinned some workouts from nhershoes or pbfingers and others that I’ve tried recently, which are fun. Fitnessista also has some great ones that don’t require weights for each move.

    I spent 35 min this morning doing some sun salutations as well as working on some tricky for me poses (headstand/forearm balance and some weird side crow(ish) type move). It’s fun to see the progress as your body remembers what it’s supposed to do.

  2. Kathy Q

    Yep, I was just traveling for work this week and I do so pretty regularly. If possible I like to run outside (best way to see a new place) but sometimes schedule and location don’t allow. Love the in-room workout; I do similar stuff and also have a great yoga app on my phone.

    • Heather C

      I actually downloaded a Yoga app a while ago and totally forgot about it! I’ll have to tap into that resource next time – thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. I really loved that workout – I’ve saved it to my phone. I know you’re super busy, but it’s such a good busy. very proud of you, Heather.

    And the brewery – work hard play harder:)

  4. Jason

    Bonefish Grill is Awesome! Went to one with Abby and her fam when we were in Lexington for Christmas last year. Did you happen to try the Bang Bang Shrimp App? Amaaaazing!

  5. West Chester is a cute town, it wasn’t too far from where I used to live in Pennsylvania!

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