When Four More Miles Sounds Doable

Giveaway winner: Lori! (Thanks to the random number generator.) Thanks to all who entered & shared some Quaker love!

The beginning of October was a turning point in this training cycle; I had one semi-successful 20-miler, one 20-turned-16-miler and one full-on-checked-box 20 mile run behind me. I had a new mentality – an actual goal that I wrote out for myself to remind all systems to stay in check:

Eat, sleep, run & drink like a marathoner-in-training!

Go to bed at a decent hour when the alarm clock is shouting a 5:30 a.m. wake-up; mindfully eat the right things to stay fueled and ready to go (yes, even dietitians need this reminder); run hard on hard days, easy on easy days; drink for fun, not stress, and enjoy it but don’t let it sabotage anything (not that it has yet, but this is a good reminder, too!).

And with that, the mind, body and attitude have been in sync! We’ve made it through the early bedtimes, early mornings and meal-planning with ease. We’ve made it through miles of easy and hard runs, a tempo-12-miler and the week of prepping for a Saturday morning 22-miler.

corn eggplant and tomato tacosbe a greatistsalad lunch

Last Saturday’s morning temp read 43*, giving us a taste of fall. I pulled on crops, long sleeves, ear-warmers and the camelbak (but missed the gloves). I brought the tunes for extra pep, as I’d be running on very familiar streets (i.e. it can get boring out there for three hours…). The route took me on a hilly Northwest loop to start and check 5-miles off, then down into Rock Creek Park for an out-and-back on Beach Drive followed by a loop on the National Mall.

22 mi elevation

I would cross the 22-mile mark just slightly before hitting the P Street ramp up into Dupont (oh, no running the ramp? Thank you, MapMyRun!).

beach drive early morning sunrise washington monument side 2

I started at 7 a.m. with the plan to meet D at Starbucks around 10:30. I took it nice n’ easy, checking in with my effort, breath and energy every mile.

It was the perfect run – miles flew by, songs kept my brain singing, I fueled with ease and I never once questioned my own sanity (win!). I got to the Mall and thought “almost there!” with about 6 miles to go. I tried to do a lot of head-math to figure out where the mile markers might be – the joys and distractions of running Garmin-less – and what pace that might translate to.

Said math was unsuccessful, but did make Jefferson & Madison Dr fly by!

At mile 20 I thought “I could do 6.2 more….”, and at mile 22 I thought “I could definitely do 4 more”.  And with that, I deem this run – more importantly, this training adventure successful!

22 miles in RCPshoes in shadow

22 miles – 3:06:45 

MCM Countdown: 2 weeks!

This run was done early because we had a celebration to get to! More on that to come…



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7 responses to “When Four More Miles Sounds Doable

  1. Wow- a strong, solo 22 miler and a 12 mile tempo?! You’ll rock this thing!

  2. Not questioning one’s sanity during a long run is a HUGE accomplishment. Well done!

  3. Woo hoo, way to get that one done! Now enjoy the taper and best of luck come MCM morning!

  4. Ah, this sounds like a fun run. Wish I could run with you!! Nice work on the LR, chica!

  5. you are going to kick the balls off of MCM. it’s my official prediction.

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