Whole Grain, Whole Heart: New Quaker Eats & Treats Giveaway!

I am a huge fan of oatmeal, and have yet to break the oatmeal-for-breakfast routine almost every day of the week. I find it comforting and satisfying, and while I usually stick with the same toppings (peanut butter, banana, honey/agave), I like that my cooked bowl of oats is open to variety!

The first oatmeal I knew and loved was Quaker, a childhood association equivalent to that of Cheerios and Eggo waffles (how else would you “make” oatmeal? eat cereal? have toaster waffles?!)I’ll stand by them now because their {huge} container of my favorite hot cereal still reads one ingredient: rolled oats. (This is obviously not true of the instant oatmeal packages; I stick with the simple, pure stuff.)

Because of this, I was open to the #QuakerInsiders invitation! This included an “insight into the latest and greatest tasty breakfasts and snacks”, and a chance to review seven new products.

The Quaker folks are branching out into new oatmeal flavors, new cereals and entirely new products!

Whole hearts cerealyogurt bars & cookies

That bowl on the left shows what I had for a “treat” most nights this week – handful of cereal + almond milk & dark chocolate chips! The Whole Hearts cereal has a hint of honey sweetness, with the usual whole-grain taste you expect. I’ll put dark chocolate chips in cereal, granola, or oatmeal – yes, I do think they complement everything.  Quaker had a similar idea…

chocolate chip oatmeal

Other items in the #QuakerInsiders delivery? Yogurt bars*, Stila strawberry bars, Soft-baked oatmeal raisin cookies, Soft-baked banana bread bars, Oatmeal squares (cereal), Whole Hearts (cereal, see above) and the above-mentioned chocolate chip oatmeal.

*Slightly disappointed to note that this item contains high-fructose corn-syrup. I wouldn’t recommend these as a first-choice healthy snack.

IMG_3353I can’t say that I’d reach for each one of these products and drop it into my grocery cart, but I did love the Whole Hearts cereal and D loved the banana-bread bars (so much so that I didn’t get a bite…!). I shared the cookies and yogurt bars with coworkers, and got a thumbs-up.

If you’re looking for whole grain products that are easy to bring on-the-go (individually wrapped), these are surely better than an candy bar or “power” bar. Each product boasts its own profile of nutrients from the whole grains, shown to be heart-healthy.

WANT TO TRY THEM OUT, TOO? Let me know! Enter to win your own package of Quaker goods by answering the following in your comment:

Are you a Quaker fan – oatmeal, classic granola bars, or otherwise? Which one of these products would you taste-test in your kitchen?

Winner will be announced Monday, 10/15!

Full Disclosure: The Quaker Insiders program provides the products free of charge to review. There is no monetary compensation for this post, and the opinions are my own.



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29 responses to “Whole Grain, Whole Heart: New Quaker Eats & Treats Giveaway!

  1. Ashley

    I’m a Quaker fan–always using their Old Fashioned oats for my morning bowl of oatmeal as well as in my oatmeal raisin cookies! Speaking of oatmeal raisin cookies, I would definitely taste-test Quaker’s Soft-baked oatmeal raisin cookies.

  2. Surprisingly enough I have two Quaker products at my desk today – instant oatmeal (yes, I cheat) and rice cakes. Growing up, the granola bars were a treat and I still love all the different flavors.

  3. One of my fav things to get at Costco is the double pack of Quaker oats because a) it’s huge b) provides breakfast for a few months for the manfriend and i and c) is a good deal! Love me some oats. Not such a bit fan of HFCS.

  4. Colleen C

    I am a huge oatmeal fan and Quaker Oats is my favorite. I love it with blueberries and greek yogurt for breakfast. I try to stay away from sugary snacks but I would love to try the oatmeal cookies.

  5. Lindsay

    I love Quaker stuff – use the old-fashioned oats all the time and then just add in whatever i feel like (as long as it includes almond butter!) so cheap, and lasts forever.

  6. You might say I have an oatmeal obsession. Oats for breakfast, oatmeal squares for snacks (occasionally), it’s all delicious to me. I am quite intrigued by the Whole Hearts cereal!

  7. I have oatmeal EVERY morning! I would love to try the whole hearts cereal though 🙂

  8. runnergirl4jc

    I’m a HUGE Quaker Oats fan!! Every single morning I eat their oatmeal with berries and a blob of pb. I’d love to try every single one of their new products, especially the Whole Hearts cereal. 🙂

  9. Lori

    I like the varieties of quaker oatmeal & love their cinnamon pecan bread soft baked bars. I’d love to try the chocolate chip oatmeal or the whole hearts cereal.

  10. definitely a Quaker fan, especially their oatmeal and rice cakes. I’d LOVE to try their granola bites!
    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  11. Wen

    Love Quaker’s products and those oatmeal cookies looks enticing!

  12. I have always loved Quaker products. I usually use dry oats in all of the cookies that I make and I enjoy eating hot oatmeal each weekend!

  13. Chocolate chip oatmeal! I would LOVE that. And its something I can take into the classroom with me as it isn’t filled with delicious PB!

  14. Julie

    My husband loves their oatmeal..I think he would like to try the chocolate chip oatmeal thanks

  15. I am a Quaker oatmeal fan and certainly ate my share of their Chewy Granola bars growing up. I haven’t tried any of these new products. I am interested in the banana bread bar D liked and the cookies (just to see if they can rival what can be made in my own kitchen).

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  16. You can’t beat the old-school Chewy bars!

  17. Carolyn

    I use their old-fashioned oats so much! regular oatmeal, muesli, homemade granola and bars, breads, cookies, tossed in smoothies (weird but good) – they’re so versatile! I’d love to try some of their new products though, especially the cereal.

  18. Carol B

    I’m obsessed with plain old oatmeal. You can add just about anything and have a different breakfast everyday of the week!!

  19. Melissa

    I grew up absolutely long Quaker Oatmeal Squares. They are such a classic staple in my pantry and great not only as a bowl of cereal, but as a quick snack to have to have on hand.

  20. John

    I love the granola bars, they’re able to make the different flavors unique. I’d try the whole hearts cereal, because the oatmeal squares cereal they make is absolutely delicious.

  21. Emily P

    Obsessed with Quaker products! Besides the obvious oats, i LOVE their cereals (whole hearts, oat squares!) because unlike Kashi, they don’t add “fake” fiber!

  22. Happygrape

    I like the dipped chewy bars, and I’d like to try the vanilla bars!

  23. I like the old chewy bars, and I’d like to try the vanilla bars

  24. Sharon

    Definitely a Quaker fan! That chocolate chip oatmeal looks amazing!!

  25. I am a fan of many Quaker products. Their chewy granola bars were a staple lunchbox food when I was a kid, and I love their Life cereal. I’d love to try the Whole Hearts cereal and the yogurt granola bars!

  26. Kylee

    I eat the plain oatmeal every morning! I do a lottt of overnight oats with that stuff:)

  27. When I used to eat oatmeal, I was allll about the Quaker 🙂 For some reason it tasted the most “hearty”!

  28. Jane

    I like the old fashioned oats to eat (and bake with) and the oatmeal squares as a snack…

  29. Lethea B

    I am a Quaker fan~love their products=) I would LOVE a chance to try their Whole Heart cereal!

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