Healthy Office Culture? Let’s Chat – #fitatwork!

When we moved back to DC last fall, I was lucky to find one of the few jobs in the “metro area” that would allow me to stick with my now lululemon-filled wardrobe (featured here as the “model” of this office dress code). Our mostly casual atmosphere allows for midday 10-minute walk breaks, 4-minute afternoon Tabata sessions and those random headstand moments.

We work hard, and we know when to pause for a healthy break:

Office headstands sidecrowatworkgreatist desk flareSoldier Fit RunWorkplace wellness luncheon
Billy goat trail hike

As a company focused solely on corporate wellness, this might seem inherent. But we know the stress of a busy day, week or season and we know the days when suddenly you’ve spent hours in meetings, and on calls, and answering e-mails, hardly having a chance to take a break. This is why we also know how much it matters to make health part of the office culture – a quick walk, a healthy snack or arranging a box or two so that you can stand instead of sit? Those things shouldn’t be met with odd stares and the question of “Why?”.

Do you feel like a healthy culture is in your office air? If no, how would you change it (ideally)? If yes, how did it come to be? What do you love about it?

Let’s chat about it! Join myself, other WCS coaches & our @corpwellness team tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 12) at 1 pm EST for a #fitatwork twitter-chat about creating this workplace world where it’s okay to drop and do push-ups, or round up the troops for a walk or gather around for a healthy potluck lunch. We want to know how you and your coworkers make it happen, or how you would, given the chance!

{ Click for more info about our Healthy Habits Tweet Chat Series. }

If you have suggestions for future Healthy Workplace Habits chat-themes – things you want to know or want to share – we’re all ears!



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9 responses to “Healthy Office Culture? Let’s Chat – #fitatwork!

  1. Kat H

    Some shameless self promotion here but… follow WCS on twitter! This is just the first in a series of #fitatwork chats – so tweet at us whenever:

  2. I am always inspired by (and jealous of) the fantastic health-focused approach your office takes. It’s amazing how far a few small changes could go. Sadly, we are sooo far away from that here.

    • Heather C

      Case-in-point: you should join our conversation tomorrow! We always get more creative ideas from people who don’t have workplace “wellness”, because you have no preconceived notions of what that would look like for your specific office. 🙂

      On another note, if you feel comfortable with your lunch-runs and bike-mutes, you’re already on the right foot!

  3. Jul

    What an awesome approach to health — AND productivity, and day-to-day happiness — and as you pointed out, so rare in DC! Very cool. Think you guys might be hiring anytime soon? 😀

  4. we am lucky enough to have a personal trainer come to our office twice a week for workout sessions 😀

  5. I love hearing about your office culture. I take walks (sometimes go on runs) at lunch. I am in the minority, although half of our office is pretty healthy. The office culture (and attire) isn’t such that it would be appropriate to bust out some stretches or push ups in the middle of the office, but someday hopefully I’ll be at a place like that. I try to get up a lot from my desk to grab water, talk to a coworker rather than email or get a copy.

  6. I only wish I could wear workout clothes to the office.
    And we have one standing desk, but the guy who has it really had to fight to get it through.

  7. Just reading this makes me want to move.

    Ah, you’re absolutely stunning in the pics btw. Fitness does a body good!

    I try to move as often as I can, desk jobs are no fun!

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