TTT: MCM Training Gear

A short list of things are complete necessities to get you through any training cycle. In no particular order, I think they are: attitude checks, routes you can remember (and enjoy), gear you love and shoes you trust. Water and food are in there, too, but those are filed under “life” necessities. So, we’ll them there.

Training is the time to try new things if you’re up for it, so you know what will work best for race day. I used the summer to stock up on my favorite lululemon gear (see: Speed shorts & Run Swiftly tees), readjust to carrying water on the run and…wait for it…try new shoes. Completely new to me, after running in the exact same shoe for 2.5+ years.

Nike changed the Pegasus! The 29’s appearance says it all. Rude.

Six weeks later, what started as a few random aches and weird cramps and other things that should never feel normal turned into chronic pain. I limped around the office one day because my ankle hurt after a 5-miler. Here’s your sign.

All of that said, here’s some new (and new-old) gear carrying me through a few miles these days:

1. Purple Pegasus Shoes! The good ones! I searched ALL over for these things (online running warehouses, local running stores, Zappos), and finally found them on Ebay. Thank you, fellow Pegasus lover who bought two pairs but only needed one!  Their best quality? Look at that design…

purple nike pegasus shoes

Immediately my feet and joints felt better. I should’ve known. Stick with what works! Don’t test out new shoes during the first few weeks of marathon training without a back-up safety net around. Whew.

2. lululemon Run: Turbo shorts – These were given to me by the Georgetown store to run around in and see what I liked and/or disliked about them.

Likes: blue, side pockets, waistband pockets & slightly more length than the Speed version.

lulu turbo shorts blue

My only dislike is that the ruffling on the side is a bit stiff, so they don’t feel as free-and-flowy as the speed short always does. Otherwise, I now have beautiful blue shorts (with tons of pockets – big plus!)  in my rotation. Win!

3. lululemon Run: Light as Air Skirt…

As I strolled into run club last week, the Georgetown crew had their usual welcoming smiles that said “We have something for you!”

lulu run skirt black

I don’t think they realize that they broke my no-skirt streak…

I’m not “against” the running skirt, per se, it’s just that it’s not me. It’s not something I seek out, and definitely not something I would run in. Not for any reason other than I played soccer growing up. So, there’s that.

My opinion? lululemon makes adorable running skirts, but I never would have picked one up and bought it. Test it out? Take it home? Run in it for Tuesday’s 5-miler? Well, I mean…okay…

It was so comfortable. I totally forgot I was wearing a skirt, and seriously? Those things are cute. You got me, lulu! So tricky.

I probably won’t continue to run in this, but you bet I will wear it around on a casual weekend or maybe for a tennis game? (When I think skirt I can only associate it with tennis.) It’s in my wardrobe now, and I’m not ashamed of it.


What gear do you deem essential to your training cycles?



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11 responses to “TTT: MCM Training Gear

  1. Those shoes are so cute! I really need to decide on new running shoes, but I’m overwhelmed with choices!

  2. I love that they tricked you into trying a running skirt! I own three, but I’ve never tried running in them either. Maybe I should give it a whirl.
    I definitely agree with attitude checks being a necessity to get you through a training cycle.
    I don’t think any gear is necessarily essential to my training, but I like to treat myself with something new whether it’s a jacket, shorts, or anyhting running related!

  3. The skirts are surprisingly comfortable, right? I find that they make me run with a little extra swagger…but that’s probably just me.
    When I train, I absolutely need shorts with pockets (that don’t ride up!) and good quality socks. It sounds silly, but I can tell the difference – particularly after a long run.

  4. I LOVE the shorts from Lululemon too and the ‘run a marathon’ tank, it’s ALL I wear on my long runs and am pretty sure I’ll be buying a new set of both for the big day in just about a months’ time now. I think I’ve earned it, no? 😉

  5. Nice gear! Thumbs up from me on both. And SO glad you got the right shoes back in your rotation. Why oh why must they change our shoes?!

  6. I got those same ruffled shorts in black and I love them. My first wear, they were definitely a bit stiff, but now that I’ve worn them several times they feel just fine. I’m with you on the skirt thing. I’ve been actually against them since the movement started, but I’m slowly warming to them because so many people wear them and some actually are cute.

  7. This quote of yours sums up my exact reasoning for not jumping on the running skirt bandwagon: “I’m not “against” the running skirt, per se, it’s just that it’s not me. It’s not something I seek out, and definitely not something I would run in. Not for any reason other than I played soccer growing up. So, there’s that.” haha.

    The right sports bra is one of my big essentials for running. There are only a few in my wardrobe I deem my “running sports bras” the others are only used for lifting, hiking, yoga, and laziness.

  8. I LOVE those sneakers! wore them for years too and then they changed them and I didn’t like them anymore! I now love brooks ghost 4s though, but DID love those nikes! glad you found them. I LOVE my run skirt but to WEAR not run in. It’s so cute, but I too can’t run in it, partially just because I’d rather wear it hehe. LOVE their run shorts though!

    • Heather C

      I might have to try the Brooks after the marathon! Not gonna switch things up again just yet, but once the mileage is down & easy, I’m all for some experiments 😉

  9. I need more running shorts.

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