Sweat & Stretch Once a Day: 20, Run, Yoga

Summer training, in any form, doesn’t often produce a line-up of pleasantries. I had delusions of a lower temperature long-run day and fading humidity levels, only to be proven very wrong by Friday morning’s agenda. It was still August; it was still hot; summer had one last point to prove before its inevitable Labor Day weekend rodeo.

I ran 20 miles, physically and mentally capable, sweating out every last ounce of doubt and drinking in every last ounce of my poor, sweat-soaked Camelbak.

seems impossible until it's done texts with D post-Long run

Yep. So, it was done.
{Ignore the delirious misspelling of today. I cannot type on the iPhone.}

I was happy to have run a hilly route and still felt strong, and to have actually made it through the last mile without calling it a day early. Small successes make a big difference at this point in the game! I’ll take them.

If you want to run 20-miles in Northwest DC, my route included:

  • North Connecticut Avenue up to Bradley Rd (crossing Maryland state line)
  • West on Bradley to Little Falls Parkway* (turn on Glenbrook, which turns into LFP)
  • Follow LFP to Massachusetts Ave, turning left to run back into the District and towards American University.**
  • Backtrack on Nebraska to Van Ness, and then hit Wisconsin back to Massachusetts Ave. This is where the route looks beautiful – take Mass Ave down to Dupont. Sweet, sweet downhill.
  • Hop on Rock Creek Trail from the P Street ramp (Rose Park), loop around the monuments and back to Dupont (or your neighborhood of choice) until the count reaches “2-0”.***

*LFP does not have a sidewalk, but does have a wide shoulder. Run with caution & without headphones!

**Your legs will not thank me for this. Be prepared to go up, Up, UP.

***Don’t rely on water fountains. In my experience, approximately 4 out of 5 don’t work. The one that does will be your very best friend. Be nice to it!


The rest of my day was spent “stretching” out the muscles by walking around State College, PA with D (after “resting” them in the car for 4 hours).

It had been way too long since I had strolled these familiar streets, by the classic brick buildings and underneath the gorgeously summer-green trees. My heart will always save room for this place, and my feet will always wonder why I think it’s a good idea to walk miles in sandals…

on the lion shrine 2012
Old Main September 2012


In pure enjoyment of this step-back week, I’ve been sweating and stretching with ease for the past few days! Tuesday night’s adventure included a run with my Georgetown lululemon crew followed by a post-run stretch with Shauna of The Running Yogis. This combination is pure perfection!

sweat and stretch once a day Not convinced by our forward folds and yoga-glow smiles? Well CNN took a stab at convincing runners that yoga is their friend, too!

“The breaking point came six years ago, when I injured my hamstring at the beginning of Grandma’s Marathon…

I figured if I wanted to keep being able to run, I had better learn how to stand still.”

Hurry up and stand still: Why runners need yoga

It’s becoming more and more important for me to schedule in some Om-time alongside the increasing miles per week. Not only do my hamstrings, quads, calves, glutes & hip-flexors need some lengthening and TLC, but my arms, abs and back could use some attention, too. They need some strength to hold me up for 3+ hours of running, and my mind needs some rest to put up with the fact that we’re doing this cycle all over again.

Cross training is my friend, and yoga is its halo. So far, we’re checking all boxes!


What’s your mantra during training? What alternative forms of sweat/stretch-ing are must-haves in your routine?



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12 responses to “Sweat & Stretch Once a Day: 20, Run, Yoga

  1. “Cross training is my friend, and yoga is its halo.” This made me laugh – I like it.
    I got back in the yoga-saddle last night, and I am definitely feeling it today. So many planks…

  2. jos

    I wish more runners did yoga. It helps with IT band, hamstring, ankles and body stability. I like the low key stretching classes, I am taking a break from the strenuous vinyasa flow classes. An way to go with the 20-miler! I would not be happy running in heat. But a camelback saves you! Good job and keep up the training!

    • Heather C

      Thanks, Jos! Our post-lululemon run yoga is very focused on the IT bands, hamstrings and hips – we only do 15-20 min, but it makes such a big difference!

  3. I find that if I’m not strength-training on a regular basis, all my hurt parts start hurting. Right now, I’m obsessed with the TRX training system—great for strengthening those little stabilizing muscles that are so good for runners and swimmers!

  4. My goal for the next month is to get to the yoga studio more often. Thanks for sharing all the ways yoga helps in other fitness areas, like running, and how beneficial it is to overall happy being. Good luck with your continued training.

  5. the more busy we get, with training and life, the more we yoga, yes? COngrats on that run, surviving!!

    • Heather C

      Yes, completely agree! That’s when I need and miss it the most, and of course that’s also when I have the hardest time “fitting” it in. But, it happens! 🙂

  6. I like how you throw in the 20 to the title, like, oh, just ran 20 miles. NBD.

  7. Seriously, what it up with the humidity and high temps right now? If Starbucks is rolling out the Pumpkin Spice, it needs to be below 90 degrees.

    • Heather C

      Agreed! That is quite preemptive on their part. My opinion is that it should come out after the “fall equinox”. It’s still summer, technically!

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