Friday Faves: What Happens in One Week

Sometimes the rise and fall of the 5-day work-week seems to stretch and defy the 60 minute hour and the 24 hour day. For whatever reason, unbeknownst to me, this week decided it deserved more of my time.

Alright, week, that’s fine as long as you let me squeeze in some extra goods, too!

This week, things stretched out on Sunday. And by things, I mean our agenda, our road-trip entertainment and our walking legs.

TED3 Fave: TED Talks! I downloaded the TED app in the car – one of those apps I’ve had my eye on for a long time and just never took the time to search, click and open (because that’s just such a process…). We listened to talks the rest of the way home, and I will never think of time in the car the same!  This is now my go-to for the morning work-commute, too. I learn something and proceed to spread the knowledge, usually unsolicited, to my coworkers.

You’re welcome, guys. Learn something new every day!

In DC, we were met with 85* sunshine and no humidity. This is such a rarity in August that we didn’t even think twice about dropping off our packed bags, throwing on our walkin’ shoes and heading out the door. We stopped by the Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, FDR* and Thomas Jefferson Memorials! Hey, when in DC…

Fave: playing ‘tourist’ in our city, and taking in a gorgeous summer day. *I didn’t even know this memorial existed…hidden gem? Discovered.

Driving into DC view

I love that the drive home from any trip is greeted by this scene.


Sunday set the tone, and opened the door to a few other faves this week…

Fave: Early mornings in this city! This what I see on a run, or in this particular case, a walk with Kate…

sunrise Lafayette park DC 1Sunrise Lafayette Park DC 3

Sunrise White House

Good morning, Obamas!

Fave: Yoga in the park, a la lululemon Logan Circle. The weather has made this my absolute favorite way to spend a Wednesday evening. Cool temps, sun slowing down and rush hour surrounding a quiet scene.

Yoga in the Park

Fave: Using those stretched hours to get in some reading. These sites and posts are swirling around in my pool of thought – they’re worth a glance or two:

4 Qualities of “Lucky” People – alternatively titled “How to decide what you want, meet good people and be the best version of yourself”

100 Days of Real Food – this is your body, on the good stuff. This gal knows how to take on a challenge, and “Real Food” is only one chapter in her book.

20 Ways to  Make your Monday Awesome – oldie but a goodie. I refer to this list often; it’s especially useful on any of those hour-stretched weekdays.

Dooce’s Stuff I Found While Looking Around – this series in starred in my reader every time it pops up. If nothing else, read these for the tweets at the end.


Fave: mapping out a 16 mile run for tomorrow. The legs & I have some sites to see, and miles to conquer! And with that, we’ll end this long week on a runner’s high and with a couch-recovery-date on the afternoon agenda. 


What’s topping your list of faves this week?



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5 responses to “Friday Faves: What Happens in One Week

  1. Thanks for making me aware of the Ted talk app. I am downloading it today.

  2. I love TED talks!!! They’re so interesting! I love how there are so many different subjects.

    Hmm on my list of faves this week… my BFF is coming in town from Dallas and I haven’t seen him for over a month so I’m THRILLED!!! 🙂

  3. Ted Talks, I listen:)

    Your pics of DC never, ever get old. No matter how many times you see the White House, it’s so cool.

    And now I want to go put on a lulu hoody and get comfy. Ahh, love these pics!

  4. Just found your blog and saw TED Talks. I LOVE TED talks. Didn’t know there was an app. Have you heard the one by Jamie Oliver? So good.

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