TTT: Lulu Runversions, Sweet Tacos & Chobani Beach Power

In this week’s TTT we run, we eat, we chobani-beach.


1) Our lululemon Georgetown run club likes to mix things up a bit, and our post-run yoga gals had something in mind for this week’s dose of random. After our trail+bridges run – incorporating the Roosevelt Island loop into a 3 or 5.5 mile loop – we all met back up at the store for some stretching and strengthening.

Then, we went upside down! Because, well, why not?

Running Yogisinversions 1

Meet: The Running Yogis, and their inversion demos.

inversions 2 inversions 3

After showing us how it’s done, we all had wall-space and as much time as we wanted to play around. Inversions involve a lot of muscle activation; joining the forces of your legs, core and arms you’ll stay up with “ease”. Learning to get those three groups to work together is the trick.

I think we got it…

inverted running yogis Thanks, Shauna & Johanna! We heart you, and your crazy post-run ideas.

2) Running, inverting and walking home leave this chick starved and up for anything. As my luck would have it, D had his Chef’s hat on for the night.

On our menu – Sweet Potato Tofu Tacos

sweet potato tofu tacos

These were inspired by a recipe in the Feed Zone Cookbook, by Allen Lim (cycling chef icon). D improvised a bit, but the gist of these easy, quick, feed-these-athletes-NOW tacos looks like this (for two servings):

Sweet Potatoes (1-2)
1/2 block tofu
~1/2 cup sliced yellow onion
4 corn tortillas
1/2 avocado, chopped
Seasonings to taste: cinnamon, cilantro, salt/pepper

Microwave or bake sweet potatoes until softened. Mash with a fork (skin on or peeled, up to you and how much fiber you want!). Crumble tofu into tiny pieces, sautéing in 1 Tbsp olive oil for 3-4 minutes. Add mashed potatoes, sliced yellow onion and seasonings of choice (D went with cilantro & cinnamon). Heat the tortillas in the oven (Broil) or on a heated skillet (cooking 1-2 minutes on each side).

Serve as tacos with salsa & avocado garnish to taste.


3) Thanks to an impromptu race sign-up on Monday night (for him) that coupled with a surprise package delivery (for her), we will be having a CHObani-powered beach trip this weekend!

chobani beach

Yes, that is the largest CHOBANI beach towel ever, and I can’t wait to use it. Along with the towel came a screw-top water bottle, a beach-bag armed with speakers (we have yet to really figure this out, but it has speakers!) and a recipe card.

Chobani, you never cease to surprise n’ delight. We’re more than happy to spread the Naturally Powered word all around the Virginia beach for you!


What’s got you upside down this week?
Any mini weekend trips coming up?



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12 responses to “TTT: Lulu Runversions, Sweet Tacos & Chobani Beach Power

  1. Impressive inversions and dinner looks great! Have fun at the beach, and good luck to D.
    We’re heading out for a quick weekend trip, too, so hubby can do his first official bike race. I’ll be doing the 100k as a training ride. Should be fun!

  2. Those tacos look GOOD!

    Yay for awesome loot from Chobani! Have a great trip this weekend and good luck to D!

  3. What a nice little Chobani surprise! Let me know how that speaker bag works out…
    Also, would it still count as an inversion if I have someone pick my legs up for me? Just throwing that out there…

  4. jos

    It took me FOREVER to get use to handstand and forearm balance. But they are definitely fun to do!

  5. Have SUCH an awesome weekend – good surprise.

    I can’t even imagine doing a handstand right now, haha. I’d look absolutely ridiculous. You must do some for me too!

  6. I think that I might break my neck trying that one. I’m still trying to get Warrior 3 down. 🙂

    I am headed to Jersey for the weekend! I’m super excited because I get to try cross-fit Saturday and go hiking all day Sunday! Insert BBQs in between!

  7. Jason

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen a taco that looks quite like that, look like they might be tasty though. One tip I have picked up when using corn tortillas is to steam them in the microwave. Just get a clean dish towel wet (not soaked but I’d say more than just damp too) and wrap your 4 corn tortillas up in it and microwave for about 30-45 seconds. It keeps them flexible for tacos so they don’t split when you are folding them and it avoids frying them too!

  8. Beach bag with speakers?!?! Woah, consider me jealous of your Chobani swag. Have fun at the beach. I am returning from vacation and I think getting back to a “normal” schedule will be welcomed…but hopefully there is time to sneak in some last minute summer fun on the weekends!

    she challenged me to do a headstand.
    and I did 🙂

  10. we’ve been eating sweet potato burritos all week! YUM.

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