In the Mind of an 80/20 Perspective

I’m not a girl drawn to extremes, whatever they may be. I don’t often cut something out of my mind completely, whether it’s a food, sport, travel destination, career choice, etc. If nothing else, we should have options, right? Right.

I’ve never thought that a situation had to be all or nothing, and when they are, I tend to change things pretty quickly (whether I realize it or not). Enter, my 80/20 perspective. With or without always meaning to, my life falls into this balance in almost all aspects (maybe, say, 80% of them?).

This may be completely different from, or exactly the same as, the 80/20 business model. I couldn’t tell you, because that has always confused me.

Either way, this is how my mind works:

80% of the time I don’t consume meat, poultry or fish. 20% of the time, I splurge on a grilled salmon dish, or shrimp skewers, or seared scallops. I do not like the word “pescetarian”, so I don’t use it.

Chickpea radish spinach saladwhite bean and veggie saladfresh strawberriesHLS 006

80% of the time I run without a plan or real distance in mind until about 5 minutes before I head out the door. 20% of the time (i.e. Saturdays), I have something specific in mind (i.e. 10+ miles).

National Mall Run

80% of the time I sit on an exercise ball, or stand at my work desk. 20% of the time I want to slouch, sit on a cushioned chair, and let it be lazily comfortable.

80% of the time I read thought-provoking articles, stumble across golden websites that I can’t help but subscribe to and “like” on Facebook, read a great novel, or watch a movie that changes something about my thought process (I love all of these things). 20% of the time I remember enough to share with you, too.

new things collage

80% of the time I’m a regular yogi, paying enough attention to go at least once per week and get a quality dose of Om-time. 20% of the time I do a few stretches at home, fit in a few plank-holds and call it good.

studio dc yoga after worksidecrow at workyoga mat strap

80% of the time I remember I’m training for MCM, actively work to get a little bit faster on the run, and put some effort into finishing up my training plan (oh, that is…almost done…). 20% of the time I just go for a run, and stick to what I know works.

run lulu, run bagsNewShoes 008MCM PR

80% of the time I operate on a Why not?, Say Yes, Of course I’m in! attitude, and love every minute of it. 20% of the time there are reservations, and I give my mind a little bit of time to catch up.

7.4.2011 043manitou-springs-incline-13-337x450img_0696_0032


Are you an 80/20-er? Or an all-out, all-the-time extreme liver? To each their own, as long as it works for you!



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10 responses to “In the Mind of an 80/20 Perspective

  1. Love this! I think 80-20 is the perfect balance in almost all areas in life. I have “all or nothing” tendencies but it usually ends up coming back to haunt me, so I am constantly striving for something closer to 80-20, or 70-30, or whatever workds for me.

    Excellent post & perspective!

  2. I love this perspective on the 80-20 principle!! 🙂

  3. I’m a total 80:20 girl. I would be so burnt out if I was 100%. That’s not to say there aren’t times when I’m 120% to get things done…but for my own sanity, and life enjoyment of food I’m right there with you. BTW I totally had apple pie for breakfast with yogurt this morning.

  4. I’m slowly evolving towards the 80/20 rule…I’m currently somewhere in the middle of the ‘all-in’ vs. 80/20 approach…maybe I’m 90/10 right now?? I’m working on the striving for excellence vs. perfection thing, slowly but surely.

  5. Nice post!

    I’m not so much an 80/20 person, but I’m not an extremist, either. I have both high health standards and indulgence built into my choices every single day. It took me a very long time to get to that place, but I like hanging out here 🙂

  6. i live by 80/20 and sometimes 75/25. Like 80% of the time i listen to my body and do what it needs, 20% of the time i learn from not listening. ha, live and learn!

  7. I like hearing this in the non – food way of thought. I’m probably more of a 90-10 as I’m totally anal and need a plan always, but ultimately I know that means I could actually benefit from a little more of that unstructured planning, on a whim decision making stuff. I so need to get back to a real yoga class.

  8. There’s an evil little perfectionist dictator who lives in my brain and wants me to be 100 percent all the time, but I’m slowly getting better at shifting to the healthier 90-10, or 80-20: 90 percent of the time, I make like Michael Pollan and eat food, not too much mostly plants; 10 percent of the time, I eat fat-free Cool Whip straight from the tub. 90 percent of the time, I stick to me highly regimented training schedule; 10 percent of the time, I take an extra rest day (or two). And so on … thanks for sharing your perspective on the split!

  9. I love this!! 80/20 is the way to go…I’m working more on allowing myself more leniency too, because life is too short to be too strict 🙂

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