TTT: Love PSA (!), Summer Eats & Biking Feet

This edition of Three Things Thursday (TTT) starts off with a very important announcement. While this may only be relevant to those of us in the District (DC), it signifies a spreading of the LOVE. Get ready – big things to come!

1) PSA: Love Grown Foods Spotting IN DC!

LGF Woodley Park

En route to a housewarming party on Saturday night, I stopped at the Manhattan Market in Woodley Park to grab ice, per the house owner’s request.  One of the first shelves on the right is stocked with granola and cereals. My eyes naturally scan just to see what’s around, and when they spotted those familiar colorful mountains and the signature budding seed? They POPPED.

Um, where did this come from?! How long has it been here?!  I had to take a picture so I’d have a treasure-discovery reminder on Sunday. And so I could share this wealth of knowledge with you all, of course.

The LOVE has arrived! Our kitchen cabinet is thrilled.

2) Birthday treats get a twist around our office; I made a request for coconut milk sorbet, and fresh fruit. While this was still open to suggestions, I was more than pleasantly surprised with what our team created:

cantaloupe & coconut milk ice cream treat

Cantaloupe* bowls and slices + coconut milk sorbet (dairy-free). Naturally sweet, cold, refreshing and totally delicious!

*Fresh from the Good Life Farm!

3) After months (and months) of leaving my bike on the side and forgetting how much fun it can be to just go for a ride, I’m back in the saddle! For the past two months I’ve been riding once per week (with the exception of last week, between traveling and a little dose of laziness), whether it’s to work, on the trails with Kate or around the Haines Point loop with Katie (and D).

Bike DC morning

There’s so much for me to learn on the bike, and a lot of work to do before I’m strong enough to feel an ounce of competency. But luckily there are people who will pedal around with me anyway, as I get the hang of it and ignore the fact that it’s been a two-year process and I’d rather just watch the Pros do it all day long! We’re getting there, bici – hang on with me!


What does Thursday look like in your world?



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6 responses to “TTT: Love PSA (!), Summer Eats & Biking Feet

  1. Loving your Birthday treat! Happy Belated, BTW! Hope it was a good one. 🙂

    Yay for getting back in the saddle!

  2. Wait, my little organic store in Mexico has Love Grown Foods – I didn’t know they were an endangered species.

    And, <3. I love our morning rides, don't go away.

  3. love your birthday dish, my kind of gal. And yes, always so much learning on the bike. I hope to be back in the saddle again soon.

  4. I am SO JEALOUS of your Love Grown find!! I am DYING for the LOVE to come this way!!!

  5. AH!!!! How much are you LOVING the love grown?! They sent my whole office a box of love, after I was telling everyone how awesome they were! Everyone has loved it 🙂

    (Yes I realize I said love like 59804 times in that comment, haha)

  6. Haha! The Tour bug bit you? So glad you’re back in the saddle, such a nice change-up.

    I love your faux cake, but give me cookie cake pronto.

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