Five Faves from the Four Corners

Our trip home to New Mexico was just what the Wanderlust ordered. In seven days we took two road trips, saw three states and finally stopped at the Four Corners. In between it all was a wedding date, a lot of family time (my fave), a little bit of running and a lot of relaxation – the kind that can only come from a cool southwestern morning coffee on the deck.

These five frozen moments  depict a few of my favorite things:

1. What “relaxing at home” means to me:

Home Deck Collage

2. Road-tripping out West – nothing but open roads, a lot of space, and a mountain, or desert, backdrop:

CO Drive 2

Four Corners 2

GC Drive 9

GC Drive - Flagstaff

Top to bottom: en route to Durango; border of NM and AZ; middle-of-nowhere northern Arizona; entering Flagstaff, AZ.

3. Climbing, playing and enjoying the mountain view:

Purgatory Hike Jump - LPurg Jump Run
Purg SisHike Headstand

Purgatory Hike 17

4. Checking things off the Bucket List! ALL four corners:

Four Corners - Us 2
Four Corners Flags

5. Revisiting one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World:

Grand Canyon Group 1

Welcome to the Grand Canyon!

(It looks almost-fake in person, too.)

GC View 5
GC View 7
Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trailhead
Bright Angel Hike - us 2


Our brains are still readjusting to the sea level real-world, so for now, the pictures will speak for themselves!

What’s topping your list of favorite things this week?



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12 responses to “Five Faves from the Four Corners

  1. Great pictures – everything looks so beautiful and peaceful. I’d love to make it to the Grand Canyon one day. Thanks for sharing and offering a few moments of serenity to Friday morning.

  2. Great pictures! Love the 4 corners one. Too cute! I desperately want to visit the Grand Canyon. Everyone tells me it is WAY better than I could ever even imagine the trip to be. This week (and month) have been hectic, with deadlines galore. For now, I am keeping my head down, powering through, and trying to make it until my vacation in 1.5 weeks!!

  3. LOVE the four corners shot! these pics are so gorgeous, thanks for tripping my jealousy meter…

  4. looks like an amazing time. just wish you would have ventured a little further this way on your way home. hehe.

    Happy vacation recovering

  5. BEAUTIFUL pics, Heather. I want to see the Grand Canyon and so many other places someday. Looks like you guys had a great vaca.

  6. I love the blatant disregard for the no jumping sign. Rules are for suckers.

    • Lauren

      If you could ‘like’ comments on here I would like this one…glad you picked up on it! We spent lots of time at this sign trying to capture our jumps! haha

  7. Gorgeous photos! I’m glad you enjoyed your time away with your family. I’ve got to get to the Grand Canyon.
    Good luck adjusting to real life again!

  8. Mamacita

    Love this post and the photos;so fun to have everyone home!! Counting down to your next visit.

    Love, Mamacita

  9. this sounds like the most wonderful vacation! a perfect balance of activity with family. I love all of the photos – you and D are just the cutest. hope you’ve had a great weekend!

  10. The Grand Canyon is something else, you just have to see it to even try to grasp its magnitude. Beautiful, strong, pictures. Lulu all over the globe:)

  11. Lauren

    I hadn’t seen this yet….love it!!! Let’s do this every summer. Along with our sisters trip. mmmkkk?? 🙂

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