Five Faves: Le TOUR!

If you had asked me what “Le Tour” was two years ago, the question would have been met with a blank stare. Tour de France (TDF)? Oh, right. That thing that Lance keeps winning? I think they ride bikes around the country? That sounds hard.

Le Tour logo 2012Between the film Chasing Legends and a live-in expert on the historic race, I’ve learned. I would now answer that question with a 10-minute spiel about the month of July, and how amazing it is to get coverage all day, every day, and how much I love Phil Liggett’s endearing commentary and how the riders are of a fitness level that most of us can’t comprehend – just, whoa.

Le Tour starts tomorrow! Now that we’re learning more about the sport (Road Races, TTs), I think you’re ready for these faves:

1. As mentioned – Chasing Legends: If you haven’t yet, WATCH THIS. Make a movie date out of it and get ready to want your bike in bed with you afterward.

This film explains the history and process of the Tour’s stages, traditions and elite riders in a unique documentary; you follow team Columbia-HTC (circa 2009) from Stage 1 to the final laps around the Champs-Elysee.

Chasing Legends

I may or may not credit this film with my teenage crushes on George Hincapie & Mark Cavendish. I completely credit it with the fact that I’d love to buy Jens Voigt a beer and hear every story he has to tell.

2. Fabian Cancellara – he’s my pick for the Prologue, and Individual Time Trial. Take one look at those legs and you won’t question a thing he does.

Fabian Cancellara TTFabian_Cancellara__gallery__334x400
Images Sources: Left, Right

3. The Maillot Jaune (aka Yellow Jersey) – the overall lead rider wears this jersey as long as he holds the top spot. Sometimes they have it for days, sometimes just after winning a stage and inching ahead by seconds. The Maillot Jaune will jump from back-to-back throughout the three weeks of stages, uniquely donning that rider’s team sponsors, and whoever has that on knows they’ve earned it.

cadel Evans maillot jauneHushovd maillot jaune
Lance Maillot Jaune postal serviceGeorge Hincapie maillot jaune

4. Fans Gone Wild This sport’s fans take the crazy cake. They lose their minds as the Peloton rides by, waving their heads, hands and feet around like they aren’t attached. Most of us barely love something half as much as they love this race.

TDF fans 1TDF Stage 14 fans
TDF wine fan

5. D’s Love for Le Tour: He’s been watching this race since his tween years – back in the day when the full race (all 20 stages) would come out on VHS, rather than stream live online or even on TV – and knows every rider, every year. He has spot-on race predictions, provides race history and commentary, and answers every ridiculous question of mine.

This guy knows Le Tour, lives for July and live coverage, and I love it.


Are you excited for TDF?? If you’re a fan, place your bets here!

Do you wonder what the heck I mean by 20 stages, Le Tour and the Maillot Jaune? Questions, welcomed! All explanations to come…



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12 responses to “Five Faves: Le TOUR!

  1. you have no idea how much i can relate to this post. GEt ready, TDF TOMORROW!!!!

  2. D.

    Vive Le Tour! Le Grand-Specatacle!

    I fully credit Jason Berry and Gripped Films for your love of the Tour! You get a great sense of it just by watching the trailer: and

  3. Annie

    My boyfriend has the biggest man-crush on Fabian; he’s my first bet on the time-trials as long as his collarbone is treating him right. Otherwise Tony Martin will dominate…or Zabriskie. He’s such a weirdo but I’d be okay with seeing some Captain America on the time trial stage podiums.

    As far as the maillot jaune goes…who knows. Part of me wants to see Cadel repeat and part of me wants to see Frank Schleck in yellow. I just can’t get behind Wiggins, though.

    (I, too, live and breathe TdF during July, and I’m nowhere close to calling myself a cyclist!)

    • Heather C

      I could go for a Cadel repeat, too! Can’t get behind the Schlek win, though. 😉 “Captain American on the podium”? Classic.

  4. Lucas

    I can’t wait for July! My office does a pool every year with a few other offices. Makes it even more fun when you draft your own team of superstar riders! If you guys were still in CO, I’d suggest early morning TdF viewing parties!


  5. Never seen that movie, but now I know I need to check it out!

  6. I AM excited! My hubby loves the tour, watches it on his computer at work, and calls to tell me all about it!
    Have you read Cavendish’s book, Boy Racer? I bought it for my husband and plan on reading it when he’s finished!

  7. Be still my heart! This post rocks, totally sent to the hubs. We’re watching that movie, wow good call.

    And the fans, the sheer determination of the athletes. The Tour is the ultimate.

    Great five!

  8. I love watching the tour on TV. Their ability to wiz down those slopes and push up the hills amazing me! And the fans always provide fantastic entertainment. I miss the days when my spin instructor at my old gym would have us bike the stages. So fun!

  9. C

    I am new to cycling and watching the Tour. I must say that I am loving every minute of it!!! I love this post. I am continuing to learn so much. Thanks!

  10. Honestly, I’ve never really paid attention – and I KNOW I am missing out on something awesome. I’ll look up that movie, and read your posts carefully. 🙂

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