O.L.B.A – Spreading the Good Words

I remember extensive searches during my Dietetic Internship, looking for Dietitians speaking up online. It was even a project of ours for one rotation, “Best RD Blogs”.  I found a few sites – some of which have strongly survived the online world’s fleeting fads – but wasn’t thoroughly impressed by most of what came up. I couldn’t wait to get those two letters behind my name, and  start using my voice, training and experience to really talk nutrition, diets, trends, news, fitness, and food.

DOTR Collage

In the meantime, people have really caught onto this information medium; the list of blogging dietitians, nutritionists, holistic health professionals, yogis, runners, cyclists, etc is seemingly never-ending!  Instead of searching high and low, we’re digging through noise and finding which ones really strike a tone with our own thoughts, philosophies, questions and lifestyles. I find new sites to subscribe to on a weekly basis;  now it’s a challenge to keep up with all of the things I want to read and soak in, battling the number of hours my sanity can stand to stare at a computer.

onelovelyblogawardgraphicAll of that said, one of my favorite new RDs (Congrats in order!), Carlene of Carlene’s Figments,  recently passed on the One Lovely Blog Award (OLBA) to DOTR. Her OLBA list is one worth bookmarking – sites to check out and read often. Of course, part of this blog-game is to pay it forward, spreading the love to the sites I can’t keep my eyes off of.  And, as usual, sharing random facts about myself:

  1. Friday Bike-muting – I finally figured out a route and even convinced D to join me. It’s completely out of his way, but our ride eventually lands him on a road that he can turn around on, and head straight to his office. One day out of the driver’s seat, miles for me, more miles for him – win!
  2. Making noiseI put the following apps in a folder on my iPhone labeled “Loud”: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & WordPress. Yes, I check it often, but it’s a good reminder to leave them all  alone on days I need some quiet.
  3. Flipping through pagesMy current nightstand book-buddy is Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben.
  4. Counting the days  – DC, I heart you (you know this), but you’ve got nothin’ on the Southwestern sun. Our New-Mexico trip is quickly approaching, and my roots are itching for a dose of green chile.
  5. On the Champs (Elysees)Aside from one cruise and a few trips over the Texas/Mexico border (ill-advised, at this point), I’ve never been outside of this country. Wanderlust firmly planted itself, and we have tentative plans to witness this next year to fix that!

To spread the love and good words, the following links come highly recommended by yours truly. My Reader rarely skips a date with their pages:

Nutrition Blog Network – had this existed three years ago my searches would have been much easier. All Dietitian / Nutritionist blogs in one place. Brilliant.

Tiny Buddha
– it’s nearly impossible to keep up with every post, but skim and search and you will undoubtedly find something (many things) you can’t help but bookmark and read more than once.

MindBodyGreen – a scan of the homepage reads “Why Every Athlete Should do Yoga”, Russel Brand and a collage of Wellness Experts that look like they’d be down for any adventure, any day. You can’t go wrong here.

The Wellness Warrior – while not every post is something I’d agree with 100%, this Warrior is a great resource and shares a great mix of recipes, nutrition news / tidbits, motivation and inspiration.


Happy Friday! What site would add to that list?




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8 responses to “O.L.B.A – Spreading the Good Words

  1. You’re going to the Tour?! Ahhh so cool! That will be am amazing trip on so many levels.

    Love the new Friday bike-mute habit. 🙂

  2. You are MY one and only RD. But great shoutouts.

    Bike-muting, smart.

    I adore Tiny Buddha, def puts me in a much better mood.

  3. JJ

    Just wanted to share- I was in DC earlier this week for work, and everyone was so friendly and helpful on the metro, walking through the memorials, hotels, etc. I travel quite a bit for work and was so happy to see people actually smiling and saying hi as they passed. Great experience and props to you for running in that heat and humidity! I decided the air conditioned hotel gym was the way to go 🙂

  4. Mamacita

    Always good to have a trip on the agenda; and France will be an amazing one for you two. Looking forward to having you two here in less than a month for a Grand Canyon trek, cool mornings on the deck, evening wine on the deck and Blaire’s wedding. It promises to be a fun-filled week!

    Love, Mamacita

  5. runyogarepeat

    If I have a project like that, I’ll have so many good resources to use! Reading blogs by different RDs has definitely made me excited to start my internship in just over a month and throw myself into my future career. Love seeing the different fields all the blog RDs are in.

  6. Jen

    Good recap! I love the Wellness Warrior blog. I’ve also been reading Kris Carr’s blog: http://www.crazysexylife.com. She has a lot of great guest bloggers.

    You should check out my husband’s health blog: http://www.drkehres.com. He features a different health resolution each month, June’s is to eat local, so he is writing a lot about the benefits of farmers’ markets and how to find antibiotic-free meat. He also has stretches, recipes, inspiration and more.

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