Soldier Strength & Lulu {Run} Love

We finally reached the end of our Soldier Strength-testing challenge in the office (based on the APFT), having to reschedule our “final” fitness test a few times. After weeks of focused office tabata sessions, a collection of at-home strength workouts and a successful few months of racing, it was time to re-test the limits!

I knew a few things to be true: my arms are stronger, thanks to more consistent yoga and the occasional “Do Push-ups!” voice in my head; my core will do planks any day, but ask of it sit-ups and you’ve gone too far; my legs ran above and beyond all Spring-racing expectations, but they are demanding the “rest” they earned.

With that knowledge in the bank, here goes nothin’…

Reminder: what does the APFT consist of?

2 minutes – as many push-ups as you can do*
2 minutes – as many FULL sit-ups as you can do*
2 mile timed run – just, go.

*There is no wiggle room – we have created videos showing the proper way to complete each exercise in order for it count! This will be harder than you think, trust me.

Last Friday was our designated “test” day but, for various reasons ,we ended up only doing the push-ups & sit-ups. The run was left to do on our own; well, for other various reasons, this didn’t happen for me & these legs, before the deadline.

For a substitute score, I took the last two miles from our Tuesday night lululemon group run**. While it was a far stretch from my first round, it was still good enough to earn me the full 100 points. Win!

First & Final Counts:

Push-ups: 22, 39     Sit-ups: 35, 35     2-mile Run: 13:20, 15:03

At least my arms had something to say. I hear you – more yoga, less skipping yoga! Got it.  My legs just took this round for what it is.

Did you try the AFPT? Scores? It’s an interesting fitness challenge, and if nothing else it has reminded me to keep strength training front-of-mind. It makes a difference!

Which leads us to a **Tuesday night workout

Lululemon Run shorts

Georgetown lululemon Run Club – Tuesdays, 6:30 PM

This week included a pre-run Crossfit workout, courtesy of fellow ambassador Chris McQuilkin (Crossfit Dupont). We used the (steaming hot) upstairs studio space to do the following – squat holds, planks, bear crawls & lunges.

Twenty minutes, and a few shaking muscles later, we ran. 5.6 miles (an extra mile tacked on here from my journey to the run) – 46:00 – along Rock Creek trail, the waterfront & around the monuments. The scenes of this route never disappoint; Anne always grabs some quality, and  sneaky, photos to share the views.


What does your summer strength-training routine look like?
I’ve been relying on chatarangas at Studio DC, office tabatas and these mini CrossFit (weight-free) workouts to do the trick. So far, this recipe is satisfying!



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8 responses to “Soldier Strength & Lulu {Run} Love

  1. Wow- impressive push up numbers! I’ve been consistently following a strength program for a few months, but I should test myself to see if there has been any improvement!

  2. I think this summer, my only strength stuff will be yoga. I don’t have access to a gym with weights anymore, and I’d much rather put the $$ into a yoga pass than a gym membership!

    • Heather C

      I’m a firm believer in saving $$ and doing strength routines at home! Exercises using just body-weight (like yoga, plank, squats, etc) are so effective, and require no equipment. Keep it simple 🙂

  3. Yoga is absolutely my strength training right now. My goal was to focus on my arms, and I know when they’re supporting my body weight they’re definitely getting a workout.

  4. That’s a huge improvement on the push ups! I love this test and re-test idea. So fun to see improvements.

  5. I keep meaning to try that workout all at once – someday. I’m doing strength pretty regularly these days (3 x per week w/ weights, either at home circuit style, at the gym or Lifeforce Fitness) and yoga podcasts. Feels good to have an all over body strength and not just in the legs from running!

  6. We have a Luluelemon run club here on Thursday nights!! 🙂 the last time I did it it was SO hot. Like 90 degrees hot. *phew!*

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