Summer Weekends: ‘Burgh Edition

In the fourth installment of summer-weekend traveling, I went back to my college traditions, to the place that I love to call “home” on the east coast. My best friend grew up in a gorgeous farmhouse just outside of Pittsburgh, and I spent many nights there during our Penn State days, before & after holiday flights to/from New Mexico.

Every time I go back, it feels comfortable, warm, welcoming and relaxing. This time, we had feisty little blonde curls running around with us!

burgh weekend June 2012 farmhouse porch seat
farmhouse porch swing
burgh weekend 1 burgh weekend 2

As the oldest of eight, this gal knows how to put together a meal quickly and with the best foods in the fridge. She tripled a homemade pizza dough recipe, and fed us all with veggies, freshly baked crust and juicy summer fruit.

fresh watermelon slices veggie pizza slices

Sundried Tomato & Veggie Pizza

Homemade pizza dough (or fresh dough from the store)
Fresh mozzarella slices
Sundried tomatoes (cut into slices)
Broccoli florets
Red Pepper, slices
Sauce, to taste

Mix, sprinkle on top & bake at 450-500* (or if you’re lucky, in that wood-fire oven!) for 8-10 minutes.


It was a quick trip, but one of those (unnecessary, but welcomed) reminders that a weekend out of the city and into the country is always a treat.

What’s on your summer-weekend travel agenda?

We’re venturing to northern Maryland soon for a two-day cycling race (D on the seat, not me!), and next up is a full-on vacation, headed West!



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13 responses to “Summer Weekends: ‘Burgh Edition

  1. That pizza looks amazing! Yay for Pittsburgh! 😉

  2. A weekend in the country sounds great!
    Where’s the vacation out West? We just finalized our summer holiday plans. We’ll be heading to our favourite town on the Oregon Coast; I can’t wait!

  3. Looks like a PERFECT weekend to me! My next trip is a biggie – our big return to wine country!! I can’t freakin’ wait!! what part of “out west” are you heading to??

  4. Well that does sound like a perfect little weekend. No wonder you wanted to get on the road so early. 🙂
    Also, that pizza looks simple and delicious. Perhaps I’ll add that to my summer recipe list.

  5. Lovely-looking meal! Any thoughts on your favorite homemade pizza dough recipe? I’m always trying to perfect mine.

    • Heather C

      I love Eat,Live,Run’s recipe (“Best Pizza Dough”), but I think Emily uses the Smitten Kitchenblog’s version!

  6. those curls are amazing!

  7. Love me some homemade pizza! And seeing old friends always feels like home.

  8. YUM! that sounds like the perfect meal…and I love your summer weekend posts! I LOVE summer!! Was in Maine this weekend and LOVED every minute of it 🙂

  9. those are the best meals to remember. Summer at it’s finest!

  10. Love that you went to Pittsburgh this past weekend! I’m from that area 🙂

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