Back to Baselines: MCM Prep

The Marine Corps Marathon is a mere 20 weeks away – who’s running and ready to face summer training days?

Not these legs.

But, after a good month of easy runs, if any, focused yoga and some walking to shake everything out, I know we’re getting there. The past two weeks have been about slowly getting back into a routine (of sorts), and I’ve had some help along the way.

Exhibit A: our Georgetown lululemon Run Club met for a 4.5 mile “Bridges Loop” on Tuesday night. A few pals from the Saturday morning 10-mile group that I run with (when in shape…) showed up, i.e. our usual “easy” pace was pushed!

lululemon georgetown sign

We ended the run with “Yoga for Runners”, thanks to another running-friend who is completing her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. Thanks, Shauna!

post-run yoga lululemonpost-run yoga pigeon pose
post-run yoga savasanaShauna Coleman yoga for runners

Stretching in pigeon, warrior 1 & 2, and a few pyramid poses is definitely an effective way to keep those muscles awake after a few miles! My hips thank you, too, Shauna.

We may or may not have had a few nappers in Savasana, too. Totally cool with us. Relax & soak it all in!


Exhibit B: This morning, I convinced* Kate to tackle 10 miles with me before work. I’ll be traveling for part of the weekend, but have been feeling the pull of mental motivation. My brain needed a reminder that this distance isn’t so bad (or so it thinks, on most days), so why not test that theory on a Thursday?

*She actually needs no convincing. This girl pretty much agrees to run before I ask the question.

10 miles 6.7.12

I barely made it through this run; the middle miles were challenging, thanks to the fact that my mental toughness has had a long  rest. Once we crested a few humps (i.e. roughly 4oo ft of elevation gain between miles 5 & 6. I should really start looking at those MapMyRun elevation charts more closely…), my legs caught up and sent the message this is not going to kill anyone.

It’s just 10 miles. It’s just today. We have a long way to go, but we’re almost back to the baselines and are ready to build from there.


Who else is building up for a fall goal-race? Fellow MCM-ers?



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12 responses to “Back to Baselines: MCM Prep

  1. I’m dying to do a night with the Orlando lulu run club – I just keep forgetting about it! Maybe that should be my goal for next week.

  2. Yes, I am just getting ready to start MCM training! It’s my second marathon but first MCM. I want to come to the lulu run club; you and Anne make it look like so much fun! Hopefully next week.

  3. When you said “20 weeks” I thought for sure your math must be wrong, because that doesn’t seem that far away. But you’re not. Obviously.
    I’m just really bad at time perception.

  4. I’m still recovering from my last marathon, but I am scoping out fall races.

  5. Ten miles before work- impressive!
    I have an end of August Ironman race so plan on taking it e-a-s-y this fall!

  6. Ten miles is awesome! I feel like my baseline has slipped a teeny bit given the past three weeks of “un-training” time after my last race. BUT I know that I’m going into my first-ever round of marathon training feeling strong and rested and READY for the miles. eeeeh!!

  7. I’ll be kicking off training for Baltimore in a few weeks. Taking it easy for the rest of June I think! Good luck with MCM prep and training. What training schedule to you follow for marathons or do you just create your own?

  8. I’m kind of nervous for MRTR 50K. It’s time to get on the ball and I need to really start ramping up the mileage, but my back is not very happy with me right now. Grrr… Awesome job fitting in 10 miles before work.

  9. I definitely want to do a fall race, but I haven’t signed up for one yet. The running club sounds great- I’ll have to try and run with you guys soon!

  10. thom is doing MCM, and has also started building his base back up. he’s back to 3 puppy miles. 🙂

  11. Jody

    I’m doing the SeaWheeze Half in August in Vancouver, and the MCM in October. Apparently I thought this was a good idea when I signed up. Not so sure now, ha! I live in DC and have never been to the runs with Lululemon Georgetown. Is their a certain pace that is set? I generally run 8:30-9 minute miles, depending how motivated I feel.

  12. Richmond Marathon in November! I’m starting to slowly gear up my training too. Good luck with yours!

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