Five Faves: Summer Eats & a Running Feat

After a weekend on the beach and the turnover of a new month – hello, June! – the early feelings of summer are strong, tanning all layers of life over here. As of late, these are a few of my favorite things:

1. Juicy, colorful watermelon slices. This fruit is the icon of my “summer”; when this lands in my grocery basket, it’s official.

watermelon slices

Indulge all you want! This sweet, water-packed fruit provides the following nutrients per one cup (cubed): 45 calories, 12g carbohydrates (natural sugars!), 1g Fiber & 1g protein. You’ll also get Vitamins A , B6 and C. Eat up and enjoy!

2. Strawberries, fresh from the vine.

Two of my coworkers live on farms – that’s right, rows of produce, animals, harvesting, the whole crop! We’re beyond spoiled in our office. We have a CSA with one of these (Good Life Farm), and get random goodies from the other (Butler Farm). These little beauties came in the other day, right off the vine, and our taste-buds will never be the same:

fresh strawberries

I don’t know why anyone ever started baking. Nature has one-upped us all along. This pint of sweetness won’t disappoint, with one cup providing only ~50 calories, 12g of carbohydrates (you know – natural sugar), 3g of both fiber and 1g protein. You also get well over 100% of your daily vitamin C. Well done, little red cuties!

3. This guy.

Our spring has totally flown by as I’ve checked a few PRs off the list and he’s been back on the bike for hours at a time. Cycling is still a relatively new world to me, but as he’s starting to seriously ride again, I {sort of} get it. It’s amazing what those muscles can do; our summer is officially full of a new type of “race” and I have a new role to train for – supporter, feed-zone attendee, sherpa, road-trip buddy & nutrition guru.

D&I NCVC poolesville race
Activities aside, we have a lot of fun summer things on this agenda! I kinda love having this guy around…

4. Spreading the good word.

My sister texted me this picture of her grocery cart last night, knowing I’d be excited (and proud) for her pantry:

grocery cart

As a one-time gummy-bear addict (said with love) and full-time carrier of all things sugar, this progress is big. She’s always been a healthy eater, aside for a slight candy ‘problem’. A few trips to the dentist and a lot of my loving-nags have struck a note, and she adorably filled her cart with the good stuff.

Larabars, Love Grown Foods & Chobani? This girl is definitely related to me.

5. The RUN

After the Broadstreet 10-miler, I could immediately tell that I needed a break. Morning runs sounded more difficult & exhausting than exciting and endorphin-inducing, and a long run was totally out of the mind-game-conquering question. I knew it was time for a few “off” weeks, and I gladly took them.

The hard part? Coming back. Last week, my mind was ready but my legs has their own plan. Everything felt 10x harder, and I could barely get through 3-4 miles without really disliking the choice to move.

A very timely post from Fitness on Facebook:

Mebs running advice

This morning, things finally slid right back into place. I ran with Kate, at our early hour (though 6:30 felt like we slept in), and left the Garmin at home. We did a normal 5+ mile route, and I ran home with energy to spare. That endorphin high is back, and welcomed with fresh, ready-to-go legs!


What’s adding to your Favorites list lately? Share some summer love!



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18 responses to “Five Faves: Summer Eats & a Running Feat

  1. I think it’s great you’re cycling! It’s amazing-we have a friend who races professionally-but I haven’t even been on a bike in years. Love the favorites!

  2. YES for summer berries! I can’t wait for in-season blackberries and raspberries. That’s when summer is officially here!
    Taking the day (or several) off from running can do wonders for stamina. If you’re not 100% in it mentally, it’s not going to go well – so its better to let it be and then come back with fresh legs!

  3. Mmmm drooling over that watermelon & strawberries! Faves for sure.

    Awesome that D is getting back into serious cycling mode, and that you get to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to this summer!

  4. Kat

    The humidity has REALLY been getting to me on my morning runs. I keep looking for sprinklers to run through!

  5. Strawberries and cottage cheese is one of my favorite summertime desserts.
    That and just regular fruit salad, with whatever happens to be good that day.

    Also – let us know the race schedule!

  6. Lauren

    Yay having a sister to teach me how delicious healthy, natural food is! 🙂 my teeth are thanking you 😉 love you!

  7. Garden or local farm fruits and veggies totally ruin me for the rest of the year. It’ll be tough for you to go back to grocery store produce!
    Glad you listened to your body and took some time off.

  8. Mamacita

    I just cut up a watermelon this morning; one of our favorite summertime treats and yes it is officially summer when the produce department has watermelon and nectarines. I heart summer fruits and vegetables!!!

    Love, Mamacita

  9. I want some of that watermelon! Looks so refreshing! I’ve been trying to ride a bit more, but man it makes you super hungry and also takes so much time. Plus, I like to ride with others and that isn’t always a possibility. But yes, definitely looking forward to what summer has in store.

  10. Great post! The start of summer is marked by watermelon for me too. I just bought my first one of the season and have been enjoying it all week. Thanks for the nutritional tidbits. Good luck with your running!

  11. such a fun post! a lot of great things happening in your life. I’m such a fruit addict. I love it! and my new office has fresh organic fruit around at all times of the day. today’s mix was blueberries, strawberries, and mango – definitely a favorite! love your sister’s shopping cart. one of my favorite things is keeping up with my sisters (and their kids!) with photos and videos on our iPhones. hope you and D have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Oh man, I LOVE strawberries off the vine (and blueberries!) and watermelon galore all summer long. It’s really rainy and yucky here today, so I am conjuring up memories of hot summers by the lake in Maine with a big bowl of watermelon at the moment! Glad you got your run back on and took a needed break. Sometimes we all need to do that! I know I do too!

  13. Love this! I finally found strawberries at my market that are the freshest from the garden I can get to my nanny’s. And I love a fresh watermelon, then jumping in the lake to get all the sticky off ya:)

    Your sister sounds like me, haha! Good intervention there Heather!

    And you’re a great Sherpa, I’m with ya – hus is doing a mountain bike race series. Oy.


  14. strawberries = my absolute favorite part of summer!
    I feel like everyone should be introduced to LARABARs – they are just so darn tasty

  15. Favorites include loads upon loads of fresh strawberries, plus strawberry jam, strawberry sauce and strawberry tarts. Why did people start baking? Because they had to figure out what to do with those three-day old strawberries, that’s why (the freshies don’t last nearly as long as the bland supermarket varieties!)!

  16. Um, #1 and #2 ARE my favorites! We are buying strawberries by the bushel (is that a thing?)

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