Flashback Friday: Grad Cap to Pyramid Topper

I very recently realized that it’s been four years since I was a student of any kind; I’ve been in this “real world” for four whole years. As most of us know, one of the many beauties of this online “log” is looking back – four years ago, I wrote this*:

This is weird.

I walked across the stage and shook a lot of hands. I picked up my diploma, and thought about all of the classes I took to get it.

I packed up my room, and looked back at an empty space.

I drove out of town, and realized I don’t know when I’ll be back.

*On a very different blog, in a very different life.

Three years ago today, I was in the throws of Dietetic Intern life. I was undoubtedly counting down the days until June, when we would finally be “RD-Eligible”. I was definitely counting the days until a paycheck landed in my hand.

I had just met Ivan in the Union Station Metro stop (yep), along with a few other running friends; I had put all my energy towards shorter races, surviving humidity & planning for a move. I had just crossed my first Finish Line in DC; more importantly, I had my very first post-race mimosa.

chc10K 014

Sweet. Bubbly. OJ.

Two years ago today, Kate & I were in the very early stages of our morning run routine. We realized that the 90* summer heat would defeat us if we didn’t battle with strategy. 5:20 AM wake-up call? I’m lookin’ at you.

I also had a little car-mishap. Whoops.

Escapay towed

One year ago today, our life was barely recognizable (by comparison). My words, exactly:

Suddenly, it’s been almost 6 weeks at the new job. And I still love every day.

Suddenly, we’ve been in Denver for TEN months. I still say “we just moved from DC…”. I suppose “just” could be dropped from that sentence.

Suddenly, one of my best friends has a baby girl, and two other couples are engaged! Life is moving fast here.

Suddenly, I’m two weeks out from another half-marathon. My running is going as well as it can given all of the above, and I’m embracing the challenge.

Suddenly, it’s approaching the end of May and we’re making Summer plans. Sunshine, come back!

I had just visited Minneapolis for the first time, and was waiting anxiously for the Denver “spring” to pass so that those sunshine-filled days could actually translate to warm mountain adventures.

4.29 051

Today, I’m happy to head into an office where we work hard to help people live a healthier life. We also work hard to stay fit, healthy & happy ourselves. Scenes from the All-Team meeting this week (and a quick hike up the street to Great Falls):

PM Pyramid
Great Falls MarylandWCS Great Falls walk

At the end of the day, I’ll be off to play tour-guide with my Mom for the weekend!

Life moves fast, but damn it’s good.


Having flashbacks? What, where, when & why – one year ago for you?



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11 responses to “Flashback Friday: Grad Cap to Pyramid Topper

  1. We just did Great Falls the other weekend! So beautiful.

    I can’t believe a year ago I had just graduated college- moved- was engaged-and was starting on my dietetic internship homework.

  2. Are you trying to make me sentimental this Friday? Seriously, this is amazing. You’ve come so far, but how important it is to look back.

    I mean 3 months, 6 months, a year, it’s crazy how much things can change.

  3. This is great! It’s always important to look at where you were a year ago, 2 years ago, or 5 years ago and remember everything you’ve done to come to that point.

  4. I do the same thing with my life. 7 years ago I got my first teaching job, 6 years ago I bought my house, …. I am constantly measuring and reminiscing. Then I get frustrated when I can’t remember and have to stop and count.

  5. Kat

    I’m glad four years brought you here!!

  6. Isn’t it awesome to look back at how far you’ve come, even despite the bumps along the way — totally worth it in the end, huh?

  7. Lauren

    I was experiencing flashbacks on Saturday! I realized that a year ago I graduated college, moved to ABQ and was then sent to Dallas to train for the job I’ve been doing for a whole year now!! Crazy how time flies. I also catch myself still saying I ‘just’ graduated from college. You’re right, I guess after a year the ‘just’ can be removed. On another note… Suddenly it is time for us to have our sisters weekend trip to San Diego!!! Eeekkk!! See you in a week 😀 have fun with mamacita 🙂

  8. Haha I just had one of those moments the other day, when I realized I’d been out of college for THREE YEARS (it made me feel old, haha) but I’m really happy with where I am 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t have guessed I’d end up in Virginia, but now that I am, I absolutely love it!

  9. Love the pyramid (and your lulu tank). Yes, looking back can be pretty surreal. I’m just ready to look forward. I’ve spend too much time wondering where the last 7 yrs went.

  10. I love being able to look back and see how far I’ve come. Your life has certainly taken a lot of twists and turns the last few years eh?

  11. pretty soon it will be 10 years! crazy! I love looking back and seeing where you’ve been, where you’ve gone, the crazy sudden decisions and all!

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