Goods from Good Life Farm {CSA}

The Outback Steakhouse wasn’t the first to coin the term ‘Bloomin’ Onion’. Believe it or not, the true thing exists outside of a deep fryer, and straight from the ground. It has a real edible flower (a purple one, no less), real nutrients, and a fraction of the calories (understatement).

Behold, the real blooming onion:

Blooming Onion. GoodLifeFarms

These  little beauties came to my kitchen via the CSA our office has with Good Life Farm. This local haven is less than 30 minutes from our desks, and delivers our shares in a Farmers Market-style Friday afternoon set-up. Last week, we were greeted with mustard & collard greens, cute-purple-flowered onions, onion chives, large leaf spinach and huge (by our grocery-store-standard) leaf kale.

Fresh greens were aplenty in our kitchen this week! They starred in many meals.

Chickpea radish spinach saladSauteed kale. GoodLifeFarm

Left: another favorite from our first share, baby radishes & spinach.

D & I purchased a “half” share, splitting with my coworker, Leah. This gives us enough fresh-from-the-farm veggies to feed two people for the week, until at least October. After only the second round,  I now know my cells will be bursting with pride (ahem, nutrients) until late into the Fall season.

We’ve heard tales of corn by the box, strawberries by the pint, eggs if we choose, and an open invitation to visit the farm – to pick our own veggies & fruits! – at any time. My 10-year-old self can’t believe I’m counting the days til fresh tomatoes land in those salads and atop summer sandwiches.

If there’s any way to learn what fruits & veggies are in season and when, this is it. We’ll be spoiled with the best of the best.

This is the good life.


Are you part of a CSA?

What’s coming in your shares these mid-Spring days (or, from your grocery basket)?



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14 responses to “Goods from Good Life Farm {CSA}

  1. I really want to join a CSA but I’m worried that picking the packages up would be difficult with my schedule.

  2. erin

    i joined a CSA a couple years ago, so this is my 3rd season. and i really like my csa cuz they have different pick ups throughout the week, so i can pick what works for me (you do have to pick which pick up location you want in the beginning of the season though). but i like it mostly because you get to pick what you want (and i have tried new things even though I pick what i want). a biggie – i really do NOT like cantaloupe! and i really love donut peaches (i hated peaches growing up). strawberries are truly best in season, i can’t even bring myself to buy them in the grocery store anymore!

    • Heather C

      I hear ya! I disliked peaches, and had no idea they were a summer fruit, until I lived in Colorado. They’ve got the BEST juicy, fresh peaches around.

  3. The onion blooms are gorgeous – what do you plan to do with them?
    I love the idea of a CSA, but I also love the idea of getting specifically what I want, in exactly the right quantity. I’m worried that I might waste some of the things I get from a CSA share. Instead I just pick up as much locally grown produce as possible at my local CSA outpost’s stand-alone store and the various produce stands in the city!

  4. ohhh, I want to pick my own veggies!

    • Heather C

      We could ride out to the Farm one weekend and pick some goods! Seriously. It’s right outside of Poolesville…

  5. We also belong to a CSA. Can’t believe how flavorful their fruits and veggies are over the grocery store! Love supporting our community as well.

  6. Emily

    I really really want to join a CSA, but between the cost, the delivery logistics, and all the choices, I’ve never made it happen. Please keep posting about what you do with your shares!

    • Heather C

      Will do! It’s a fun surprise – we never know what we’re getting until Thursday afternoon, so the menu “planning” is all improv. 😉

  7. Farmer’s Markets, farms, are the only way to go. Everything looks so fresh and how amazing that you can go and pick out what you want! I guess I do that at my grandmother’s anyway:)

  8. I’m not part of a CSA, but I’ve always wanted to be! I need to look into it around here, and I’m sure I’ll learn more from new co-workers next week at Integrative Nutrition!

  9. I’ve belonged to Norman’s Farm Stand CSA for the past two years, and miss it dearly this year (I’m back-and-forth too much to justify something I’d have to pick up every week)! It really does bring you in touch with the seasons. When I saw strawberries from NC in the stores in Virginia Beach a month ago, I said: “WHOA! Holy early strawberry season, Batman!” You can take the CSA nerd out of the CSA …

    • Heather C

      Ha, but I think that’s one of the best parts of belonging to one (especially for more than one season)! You can avoid that awful out-of-season fruit & veggie taste at the store because you know when to buy them at their best 🙂

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