If Crops Could Talk

This specific pair would tell you to “Go! Run a marathon.” Given their culture, they’d probably also tell you “Chuck Norris never ran a Marathon”, “There’s beer at the end!”, and the likes of this:

lululemon run cheer sign Big Deal
lululemon cherry creek cheer signsyou've got stamina lululemon sign

Yep, these crops have a lot to say! So do the lululemon cheer groups; they’re some kick-ass sign-makers.

When I arrived to our {new Tuesday night!} run club last night, these crops were handed to me for a “test run”. I hesitantly changed out of my shorts, thinking about how the 70* humid night would feel as I ran in crops. I should’ve known better; lulu can be so tricky…

lululemon Run A Marathon crop

Run: A Marathon Crop

These are easily the lightest weight crops I’ve ever pulled onto my legs. You can barely feel the fabric; the fit is perfect (and I don’t use that word lightly in reference to running clothes!). The bottom angled-cut caps your knee, not coming down too low (most lulu crops hit me mid-shin), and have a small elastic hem on the inside that prevents them from going anywhere.

You can read about the other “key features” here, but know this – this pair of crops has SEVEN pockets. Count em’! Four waistband pockets (fit keys, gus / shot bloks – whichever way you swing – and/or cards, etc.), two pockets along the legs (see where the reflective strip starts? Scan down to the top of the knee – those pockets are deep* ), and one zipper pocket in the back (which fits an iPhone, credit cards, etc.).

Seriously. Seven pockets. What else do you need?

*Stacy actually ran with her phone in this pocket, and it didn’t move! Fancy.

We ran a 3.5 mile loop with a surprise! mini strength workout thrown in the middle. The Lincoln Memorial tourists got a little show last night, you’re welcome. Next time, you tourists are free to join us!

In other news, these bags can now be found at a lululemon store near you:

run lulu, run bags

I walked home with my Speed shorts and sweaty hat inside of this, while I enjoyed a cool-down in my new crops – a look I accessorized with a stupid grin because really? This bag is awesome.


If you splurge on a piece of running / athletic clothing, what are the key features for you?

If you could ask your exercise attire for a little motivation, what script would you give them?

I’ve been so spoiled by lululemon things that now I love having pockets! I always carry an ID, metro card and debit card, plus a house-key and occasionally my bike-share key. Pockets = essential. Obviously the fit, fabric and feel are important, too! But, with most (not all) lululemon things, that’s covered.

If they tell me something, it better just be to keep movin’.



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16 responses to “If Crops Could Talk

  1. Jess

    I would want them to say “Give me all you got!”

    Just found your blog. I live in DC and take the Sunday noon yoga class at lulu. Tuesdays are usually my day off from running, but if I am ever feeling the itch, I will come join you guys! 🙂

  2. Hahaha the lululemon signs always crack me up! I LOVE it!

  3. Race signs, better than bumper stickers!

    Oh great, another must-have I have-to-have. Those look super cute, and I adore that bag! Dang it!

    I really like my pouches in the back to hold my keys, that’s definitely a requirement.

  4. Angels are singing! Must get these ASAP!

  5. Kristin Mathern

    These pants look great. I saw a guy sporting Lulu today when he was running around the Imperial Palace in Toyko 😀

  6. I LOVE lulu crops!! and run shorts as well. Just got one of their new bags, LOVE it!!

  7. The crops are adorable (and how sweet is it to get to ‘test out’ a pair of $90 crops?! I wish lulu would give me crops to test hehe) I looked at these in store last week and LOVED the idea of the silicone shirt grips – how did you find this with a Swiftly? I find swiftlies especially tend to ride up on luxtreme, I’m curious to see if the grips work to keep it from sliding.

    Also wondering if the cut of the knee was comfortable for running? That was the biggest thing that stopped me from buying those crops, I thought the cut of the knee would be uncomfortable for running and that it would bunch behind the knee.

    • Heather C

      I didn’t notice the fabric around my knees at all! I thought that would be an issue, too, but I ended up just loving that they were shorter and such a light fabric. The Swiftly can definitely ride a bit on occasion, but the grips are effective! So clever 🙂

  8. oops.. sorry for the double post. My comment didn’t appear at all after I posted it (even after refreshing!) so I thought it somehow was deleted or something went wrong.. haha I was very frustrated typing it again, I didn’t realize it just took a few minutes to appear!!

  9. I am DYING for the marathon crops from Lulu!! I got the marathon singlet there and LOVE how lightweigtht it is!!

    • Heather C

      Honestly I think I was most surprised by how light the fabric is! So perfect for spring / fall running.

  10. girlwiththeredhair.com

    My friend that I ran the marathon with on Sunday wore these and raved about them! Pretty sure I’m going to reward myself with a pair for doing the marathon. Because I OBVIOUSLY deserve a reward for that right?! 😉

  11. khaselkorn

    Those crops are adorable!! I currently have a $50 lulu giftcard burning a hole in my pocket… I’m thinking those might be a great early bday present to myself 🙂

  12. I love your lululemon posts! See if your store still has the Run: Shorty Short- they’re basically those crops in a short form and they are ah-ma-zing!

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