Run, Rest or Chaturanga – Priorities

These muscles are feeling a random kind of fatigue after their weekend schedule was completely rearranged. Rather than waking up way too early for the usual Saturday group run, I slept in and skipped the rain. Rather than running 10 miles, I enjoyed 75 minutes of “Intermediate” Vinyasa at Buddha B.

In my experience, the litmus test for a great yoga studio is a bad website. Clicking the link above will show you the schedule and what’s coming up – it certainly won’t wow you with graphics, papyrus font or fancy design. No offense at all, Buddha B – it just means you spend your resources elsewhere. I get it, and I like it.

Digression aside, the studio was spacious, not too crowded, the teacher was great and the class wiped out my energy stores.

buddha b yoga studio

If you say you don’t have time for something, you’re just saying it isn’t a priority.”

Simple words that can change the way you tackle every task of every day. Do I have time to run? Always. I can go straight from my front door, and go out as long or short as I want. Do I have time to do yoga? When I decide to, yes.

Kate and I took advantage of some Sunday morning sunshine by running, then biking, then yoga-ing. The free lululemon Georgetown class always appeals to me, until other Sunday “chores” get added to the agenda. This weekend, priorities were rearranged and put back in their place – another hour of yoga, a few easy miles on the bike and new shade of pink on the cheeks to match the season!

Ah, sweet time-management victory.


I’ve put my rainy miles in for today, so tonight I’ll be back on the mat. Thanks to LivingSocial, I have 13 more classes to spend with the Buddha peeps.



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6 responses to “Run, Rest or Chaturanga – Priorities

  1. i am about to head off to my yoga. It’s a retreat…”treat” is in that word. Glad you found time for that rest. Well deserved friend.

  2. Elizabeth

    “the litmus test for a great yoga studio is a bad website”

    I never thought about it that way, but I think you must be right. Weird.

  3. Those words are SO true!!!! I need to remember that next time I’m about to skip out on a workout!

  4. So true- it’s all about priority. Sometimes it’s like “Do I have time for a nap after a late night?” ….YES I should if I want to be functional.

  5. Here, here! I think everyone needs a good battery recharge in order to get your priorities back in line.

    Just reading about your yoga experience calms me:)

  6. Ha, I agree about the website! If it totally irritates me, it’s a great class!

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