This Week’s Missions of Success

It’s been an interesting week here in my world; routine took a vacation and I had some business to tend to. I’ve been on an event-planning team for the past two months, and yesterday was our peak.

4.26 clipboards4.26 popcorn4.26 cupcakes

This is an area of work that is relatively new to me, but I love the challenge and the reward of a successful day. There is still a lot to be learned!

We made it through the day with happy kids, and a mission accomplished!

I capped the day off with a leisurely walk down to Dupont, seeing as my legs and feet had no interest in doing anything that required real energy. This lovely scene greeted us at the park – thank you, DC.

dupont circle 4.26


With no segue way, the other highlight of my week was an impromptu boot-camp class on Tuesday. My usual response to strength-training is that I have little-to-no discipline when doing my own workouts. If you take me to a boot-camp class, I will do everything asked of me and soak up every second of the burn. Tell me what to do, and I’ll gladly ask it of the muscles!

Kate & I returned to the Tuesday night boot-camp at the Georgetown lululemon store, for round 2, and Sgt. Ronald was unable to make it. We sat around, stretching and chatting for at least twenty minutes. Finally realizing we were on our own, with one other gal, we decided to go take the Sgt’s lessons and work with it.

Lunges, squats, burpees, core, step-ups, hip work and a few more lunges later, our workout was done. Our muscles weren’t shaking quite as badly, but that was the idea. Wednesday morning brought sore legs, hips and abs. We’ll file that under another mission, accomplished.

As it turns out, I just like to have a group in place before the motivation sets in. If a Sgt is dishing out the pain, that just bumps up the lactic acid dosage!


What missions did you accomplish this week?



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9 responses to “This Week’s Missions of Success

  1. Finishing the move into our new house – so not fun. 🙂

  2. Congrats on a successful event!
    I love waking up to sore abs. My best accomplishment this week was an outdoor bike in shorts and sort-sleeved shirt, especially since I woke up to snow this morning!

  3. I’m with you on the strength training – I’ve been to 2 awesome classes this week with lululemon ambassadors who push hard and don’t let you slack. I’m so sore it’s ridiculous, but I love the challenge! that was my mission – to try out some new classes in NYC. accomplished! now tonight, I drink wine. 🙂

  4. I started lifting again last week after a 4 (7?) week lay-off. ouch.

    I have a fridge full of veggies. want to come play chef this wknd? yes I should email you instead of leaving a blog comment.

  5. I’ve officially begun my “Triangle Bucket List” before my imminent move in July!

    Next week, though, I must get back into strength training. MUST!

  6. i’m so proud of you. strength and work wise!!

  7. Started a blog and training for my first 5k!

  8. Has the Sgt thanked you yet?

    I adore event planning and so glad you had a good time!!

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