“Action Expresses Priority”: Casey Neistat’s Make it Count

What we choose to do with our time reflects the things that we prioritize – we are what we repeatedly do. If you looked back at your agenda over the weekend, or even yesterday – what did you do? What was prioritized? Was it worth it?

Look at your calendar for this week and next. Look one month out, then one year out. What do you have planned? What challenge are you tackling? What’s unique about the life you’re choosing, for yourself?

Action Expresses Priorities Make mistakes

Think about it.


If this is the last online video you ever watch, then Casey Neistat will have made his point (in turn, possibly stalling his career…). It would mean you’re out living an adventure, not watching someone show you how it’s done. It would mean that you get it – there is a better way to spend our time than constantly being on a computer, at a desk, sweating the small stuff, ignoring what’s out there yet to be seen, touched or experienced.

Life is a Sport, #makeitcount

That said,  the next 4 minutes may be the best you spend all day. For this, it’s worth it to stay at your desk, on your computer. Watch:

Make it Count video 

“Life is either daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

What would you do with 10 days?



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2 responses to ““Action Expresses Priority”: Casey Neistat’s Make it Count

  1. erickaandersen

    Loved this vid! I wrote about it too…so good! With 10 days, I would probably do like exactly what he and his friend did. Extreme traveling! I’m in.

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