The Boot-camp Burn

The last time someone told me to do exercises that would generate large doses of lactic acid was at mile-high altitude. Those Warrior workout days at Qi are too far behind me; I had this stark realization last week when I did 40 lunges (20 per leg) at the end of my walk, and was sore for days.


There was once a time when these muscles put up with 100 squats, riding a seat-less bike and 2-min plank holds. Where did that go?! Must get it back. Boot-camp burn, come to me!


Thursday’s lululemon group run hit the 5 mile mark, heading down to the gorgeous Georgetown waterfront and up the trail, around the Washington Monument.

pond by the washington monumentRCP Trail behind Lincoln

Running and chatting, keeping the effort at bay and enjoying the miles, led us straight into the store and ready for the next workout. We had a run-club visitor – Ronald – who was ready to really make us sweat. He offered a 30-min workout, to which I almost choked laughed and suggested, “Um, maybe just 15?”

Just  15 minutes?

Never doubt a personal trainer, in the Army, who runs in combat boots.

lululemon bootcamp

Six of us stayed around for this butt-kicking workout. Three minutes into it, we were all walking with hands on our heads, sweating, and breathing hard.

What gets the heart rate going UP that quickly?

Lunge across the room, twice.
R-leg Lunge, Squat, L-leg Lunge, Squat-jump* x 10
(work up to 10 jumps, increasing by one each time)
10 push-ups
Lunge across the room.
Lobster-crawl across the room (Works the Core & Back, like whoa)
15 Burpees
20 Squat Jumps

Stretch it out.

*This was the most challenging part; those squat jumps get harder and harder with each one-jump increase. Try this.

Ronald does a ONE HOUR {FREE} Bootcamp class at the lululemon Georgetown store on Tuesday nights. I have absolutely no idea how I would survive an hour, but I will try. If you’re up for the challenge, come join us! Be ready to sweat, and feel that Boot-camp burn.

Then, if you can still move one foot in front of the other, join us for the run on Thursday to shake it out…



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6 responses to “The Boot-camp Burn

  1. Love this! We have a bootcamp workout at PSU now! You would love it 🙂 Running and yoga are great but sometimes its fun to challenge your body in different ways. Happy Friday!

  2. Elizabeth

    If you’re willing to do that Tuesday boot camp more than once, then I will try it with you after April – because I’ll be out of class by then!

    Also, what exactly is a lobster crawl?

    • Heather C

      Eh, hard to explain. Basically we were on our backs, feet & hands in the air, scooching across the floor using core & back muscles to move the body…a video would do it justice, and also be extremely awkward.

  3. Lauren

    Dustin and I do the Insanity workouts. I used to hate doing work out videos because I felt like running was the only way I could get a ‘good’ workout. However, these videos are AWESOME! The first time I did it I was tired just after the warm up! Love ittt.

  4. Anytime I see someone in Army fatigues I tighten up! That’s literally crazy. What an awesome challenge.

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