TTT: This DC Life

“Three Things Thursday”, a la Morgan 

Run – Walks:

Last week, for the first time in months, I took a few consecutive days off. After the Cherry Blossom race, I wanted a few mornings that didn’t require spending too much energy to get out the door, and at least part of the week that didn’t revolve around the miles.

To get some time outside and still feel that “Ok, AWAKE now” moment from the cool morning air, I went for a few walks instead. Yup, just strollin’ along. I don’t mind getting out of bed early, it’s even easier when I know the activity on deck won’t require too much energy or thought.

Today, after three days on, I went back to the walk. I see things like this, and I know it’s worth it to give these legs a few extra steps in the day:

morning walkmorning walk 2


Hosting First-Timers:

Dorry and her other half, Billy, stayed with us this week! While en route to their new home city, they chose DC as their last overnight stop. I love sharing in someone’s first time in the District – citizen or not, the history here is something to experience.

These two know how to fit it all in – they tackled the crowded Mall by bike, and have some amazing shots to show for it. This one is my fave:

washington monument flags 
Photo credit: Living with Healthy Hunger, Dallas to NYC: Day 7

Once you have the touristy things out of the way, the trails, neighborhoods and city streets are the next things to see! The four of us had dinner at our favorite casual restaurant, and Dorry joined D & I for a morning run through Rock Creek Park.

In a blog-world faux pas, there is no photo “evidence”. Sometimes the cameras don’t dominate social situations, imagine that. We had a great time – thanks for stopping by, you two!

Pantry Clean Out:

We’re currently on day 3 of desperately needing groceries, but somehow getting by. After day 1, we realized that we’re still standing without a full-of-fresh-stuff fridge and without really “needing” those staples that never miss a grocery basket. Somehow, homemade meals are still creatable, and packed lunches are still saving me $5 a day. It’s down to a craft at this point, but a (frozen) veggie & black bean stir-fry over quinoa last night gave us the gift of leftovers -  I’m lookin’ at you, day 4!

Pantry Clean Out in full effect. We’re ready for some new supplies to work with, after making our way through the ‘old’ ones.


What makes up your Pantry / Fridge staples list? Ideas, we’re open to them!



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5 responses to “TTT: This DC Life

  1. I ran out of lettuce last night and freaked out – you hang in there!

    I am so proud you took time to come off your schedule to change your routine and rest a bit. I’m sure you’ll be back even stronger (again, you amaze me)!

  2. love the idea of taking walks – then I can safely take photos! I often bring my cameras on bike rides around low/no traffic areas, but it’s still not safe to be snapping away while I’m riding. we had our 1st experience riding on the NYC streets today – yikes! you have to pay attention every second all around you. 1st stop this weekend – to buy some helmets. the things I can’t live without in my kitchen are bananas, oats, almond milk, and I always have canned beans, chickpeas, and lentils for easy meal ideas. quinoa dishes make the best leftovers!

  3. I feel the same way! It’s amazing how many meals you can make with barely any ingredients when you get creative.

  4. i am jealous but in a good way. two of my favorite people sharing life and new adventures. Beauitful!

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