Stop & Sweat: One Long OM

Wednesday night I had a date with Studio DC, on the mat, for an hour of level 1 Vinyasa. Easy stretching, basic poses and simple breathing instructions took up 60 minutes of life; my brain has never been so grateful.

Studio DC mat

For the time being, my life+work schedule is as busy as it’s ever been. This isn’t to say I have no time to stop and relax, it’s to say that I savor that time with an extra ounce of energy. I crave it during the middle of the day when my head feels like it doesn’t agree with what’s happening. I finally “get” the people who claim to be too tired to workout at the end of the day, that it just “won’t happen”. I rarely fall victim to that stress-trap, but I get it. I see where you’re coming from.

It’s not always easy to change, get out the door, and choose the workout, or the time to make a healthy meal, over the mindless TV  night on the couch. Sassy agrees, in a similar breath.

I had not been to a yoga class in well over 2 weeks, and the last one wasn’t really my sweet savasana. It had almost been a month since I had that much-needed mental OM; my apologies to D, for putting up with a mood akin to taper-madness!

Choosing an easy Level 1 (0.5 maybe?) vinyasa was purposeful; I have it in me to tackle something much more challenging, but not on this Wednesday night. On that night my muscles needed a slow transition, and my mind needed the mindless flow. It was sweet, yoga perfection. One long om, where you just let everything escape in the form of a few deep breaths, flexibility attempts and, finally, total relaxation.


After a rough start, the end of this was week was full of  what I’m deeming Om-momentsspring tulips blooming all over the city (which remind me of you, Mom!), morning walks in cool fresh air, lunch breaks in the sunshine with a crossword, a group run with the Georgetown crew and a sunset over Foggy Bottom to top it off.

DC spring tulips 
lunch break with a crossword sunset in georgetown


What was your OM moment this week?

Non-yogis, you can still play along. If you’re like “Om? what? Huh?”, just do me a favor – take in a deep breath, and it let it out SLOWLY. You can even hum “Om” while you do it, for the full effect.

Get it, now? There’s your Om moment. You’re welcome. Happy Friday!



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8 responses to “Stop & Sweat: One Long OM

  1. tulip

    Tulips! 😀

  2. clairerd

    I had a really really tough yoga class last Friday – walking out the door into the cool night air was the most relaxing moment for me!

  3. Oh I love this! Let’s see, today, when I arrived at a lake to meet a friend for a run, I saw the sun rising over the water. That was my Om moment 🙂

  4. The past few months have been anxiety-filled and challenging at times, and I’ve been aware throughout that time that some yoga would help. This morning, for the first time in months, I got back into my routine of doing a few simple sun salutations as soon as I wake up. My “om” moment was realizing that just this little bit of “om” could make a big difference in my sense of well-being!

  5. My “om moment” was finally finishing a big project at work and relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine that night. Such a relief!

  6. I’m soooooo bad at stopping and breathing/relaxing. I like to go 100mph. But my boyfriend is really good at it. He will be like “Just take 5 minutes and lay down and snuggle!” haha

  7. I need to find my zen/”om” moment. You’re right that sometimes it’s hard to choose staying on track for health but you’re proof you work hard and produce results.

    Tulips are MY fave!

  8. Just found your blog today and I am really enjoying your posts. I love reading about other people juggling work, running, nutrition and keeping their sanity!
    Your article really strikes a chord with me. I really look forward to my midweek yoga classes after work; going home with a lighter mind and body. It’s such a treat!

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