Strength Testing, Soldier Style!

Aside from Sunday’s 10-miler being my third race in as many weeks, there was another prominent reason behind my decision to give the legs a “racing” break – they had already put in their sprinted miles for the week!


Friday kicked off our inner-office challenge; we’re all aiming to pass, and then improve on, the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Soldiers are required to take this at least twice per year; we have two employees that are currently in the Army (Reserves) and this was their brilliant idea. To give you an idea of how things go around our office – nobody had a second thought. OF COURSE we should do this, go all out, and see what we can do!

It will be an 8 week challenge, and there are incentives. We’re all in a raffle to win an iPad just for participating.

What does the APFT consist of?

2 minutes – as many push-ups as you can do*
2 minutes – as many FULL sit-ups as you can do*
2 mile timed runALL OUT.

Points are awarded by age group + gender,  and the respective predefined standards. Up to 100 points are available within each test, and there is a “max out”. You must receive a score of at least 60 in each category to “pass” a real APFT.

*There is no wiggle room – we have created videos showing the proper way to complete each exercise in order for it count! This will be harder than you think, trust me.


My baseline scores won’t be going into any record books, but I know where I stand and I’m ready to put in the work for improvement over the next 8 weeks. I knew these first two tests would be rough after two weeks off of yoga (ahem, my only “strength training”) and no real preparation:

Push-ups: 22
Sit-ups: 35

But the run? I was ready for THAT.

Soldier Strong WCS ladies

Ladies of WCS, ready to get this 2-mile run on.

Soldier Strong challenge run start

…and, we’re off! “Coach” Kate gave me 6:45 pace! DO IT  to go off of.

Soldier Strong Challenge mile 2

The three of us stuck together for most of the run. Dale (in blue) pulled ahead with about .25 mile left, and there was no catching him…

…but we could chase him!

2 miles*– 13:20 – avg 6:40 pace

*Our course was actually a little bit  short, so our times were calculated for the remaining distance based on our pace.


Now, who else is IN? Ready to test yourself? You’ll need a partner for the sit-ups, but the other two exercises can be done on the honor system (we’re watching you…).

Strength Testing – Soldier style –  is in motion!



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15 responses to “Strength Testing, Soldier Style!

  1. What a great idea! Love that you are always up for a new challenge.

    6:40 miles… way to set the bar high!!

  2. i kinda want to try this and i kinda am scared… good combo, right?

  3. Holy speed!! You are amazing! and full situps are always so hard for me for some reason!! You did awesome at this challenge. I may have to time myself and see how I do!

  4. I can’t do any pushups. I’m so ashamed.

  5. Remember those exercises we did in grade school, they’d put a ruler on a milk crate and you’d do sit ups to see how far you could reach. (just me?) 😉

    I’m sweating just looking at this list.

  6. hmgreenawalt

    I’ve gone to the Army vs. Navy Football Game in 2010, 2009, and 2007….(GO NAVY) and at the 2009 game, one of the pre-game activities was a fitness contest similar to this but without the running….max pushups, sit ups, and pull ups! I don’t remember what I did but it was fun! I would definitely love to try again! I don’t think I would enjoy the 2 miler, I am NOT a short distance runner. Gimmie the long stuff!

  7. I’m pretty sure this would make me want to throw up! Great job on the run! Dang I’m envious!

  8. That’s such a great idea, and an awesome team-builder! Way to go!

  9. Vanessa G

    Awesome job!! I’m soooo going to do that this weekend. Then I’m going to do it again at the end of Sumner when I’m in my best shape. 🙂

  10. I love it and I love your office…that’s so fun!

  11. I wish I could get my husband to do this with me!!

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