Nothin’ but Good to Give Away!

This week started with a PR Cloud-9 high, and is ending with a weekend getaway! It’s also ending with a giveaway for you – all good things.

What else is making this the good life?

Cherry Blossoms in full force!

And a lululemon Georgetown Run-Club that entertains my “runography” adventures, so that we have 30 iPhone-moments to share from a 4.5 mile run (yes, 30! Siri & I heart you, DC):


Spoiled? Yep, I know.

A short work week, a weekend trip to see a college roommate ( photo flashback, 2008 ) and explore the Big Apple!



Last, but not least, a stash of CHObani – nothin’ but good…

Nothin but good

And an extra one, for you!


TO ENTER: Leave a comment with what’s making you think, “Life is good”.

Enjoy the weekend!



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44 responses to “Nothin’ but Good to Give Away!

  1. I miss living in DC so much! Taking my dog on a walk every evening in the beautiful weather and sitting on the porch with a good book and glass of wine make me think life is good 🙂

  2. We’ve had summer weather in Atlantic Canada this week – normally it’s snowy and freezing cold but I went for a run in shorts and a tank top yesterday then had a date eating ice cream in the grass. BEST!

  3. The weather is making life GREAT right now!

  4. Life is good! Happy and healthy. It’s hard to complain about anything!

  5. Karla

    Life is good, it’s 75 degrees here in NY and it’s march! Can’t wait for the summer !

  6. Meg

    So many things are making me think “life is good,” which has me feeling humbled and blessed. The weather in D.C. has been perfect, running has been going off without a hitch, the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, all my friends and family are healthy and happy, and I just feel like I’m living the dream… and potentially annoying everyone around me with my nonstop optimism!

  7. Rachelle

    Its Friday!

  8. runyogarepeat

    This summer weather and shorts & t-shirt running in March! Makes long runs so much more fun.

  9. Bridget

    So pretty! The fantastic weather this week!

  10. Even though my 5 year old was up half the night last night sniffling and blowing her nose in to the blanket on my bed . . . Life is good!

  11. The weather is good and it’s Friday!

  12. Ashlei

    Life is good because spring is finally here and it’s warm enough to be outside a lot.

  13. This weather! We should still be covered in snow and it’s damn near tropical here! 😀

  14. Life is good…when it’s 75 and gorgeous in Boston in MARCH. I’m soaking it in, big time.

  15. I’m alive! Life is good! I am loved! Life is good!

  16. beckysd

    Picnic lunches, 80* weather, cherry blossoms, tulips, and healthy kids. Life is so good!

  17. Caroline

    Good grades a fantastic weather!

  18. Jenna Leigh

    cute cats, new clothes for spring, an upcoming wedding and honeymoon (in Belize), and Florida making the elite eight in the tournament 🙂 Go Gators.

  19. I just got back from a 3-day work training which reminded me why I love working for the organization I work for, and left me feeling re-energized about my work!

  20. Anna

    I went for a hike this morning and enjoyed the sunshine and crisp air. Spring is definitely on the way!

  21. Planning a trip home next week to see friends and family!

  22. The weather today just can’t get any better! Sunshine, a slight breeze, and 72 degrees!

  23. Jess

    DC cherry blossoms!

  24. Jordan Dunne

    The early warm weather is making me think “Life is good!”

  25. Renata

    Springtime sunshine & warm weather makes all things new & alive!

  26. Georgina

    Life is good because my family loves me and we are all alive and well!

  27. Melissa

    On top of the weather, the fact that it’s still light out until after 7pm… makes it so much nicer to run after work!

  28. Katie

    Even though it’s a rainy day, a mug of hot tea & my puppy make me feel like life is good.

  29. Katie

    Even though the weather is not nice today, a mug of hot tea & my puppy make me feel like life is good.

  30. DC is so pretty! Hope you’re having a good time in NYC. 🙂

    I’m loving this weather and good times with good friends!

  31. Emily P

    my dietetic internship is almost over, so life is good! 🙂

  32. Ray

    I have a loving wife, a loving daughter and a loving kitty! Yes, life is good!

  33. Life is good because we FINALLY got a day without rain in Seattle!!!! While the rest of the country has had brillant weather, Seattle has been MAJOR CRAP!! So one day without rain = bliss

  34. hmgreenawalt

    Life is good because the weather here in Wilmington, NC has been BEAUTIFUL! It’s officially beach season!

  35. akismet-adb8f48657e9f7b52805bf41986d70ee

    I love my husband and puppy. And the weather has been beautiful for hiking and the dog park. Life is good!

  36. sitting down with a big mug of tea, blogs, and a plan for my productive week ahead of making me feel like life is good!

  37. At last, the Cherry Blossoms! The best time in DC:) Beautiful photos, love seeing them in Instagram.

    I got to spend an amazing week with my family at the beach. Life is a beach. Life is good!

  38. Gerry

    Life is good… because I always believe something wonderful is about to happen 😉

  39. Harley

    Life is good because in two weeks I’ll be done with my MCAT, set to apply to medical schools, and ready for more summer races 🙂 plus, loving this DC weather!!!!

  40. Great pics!! And I love chobani! But what makes life good? A glimpse into gorgeous spring/summer weather (even though it’s gone now) and wholesome, yummy eats. Like oatmeal bowls, lentil salads and of course, chobani 😉

  41. Tracey

    Thanks for such a great giveaway! Life is good because I feel so ortunate to be blesses in so many ways!

  42. Leanne Whaling

    Life is good! I’m so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people in my life. I have so much support behind me, and I have so much to be thankful for. I had a week of spring break to spend time with ones I love, and now I’m back to working hard in college and making them proud! I’m so happy to be here, and overjoyed with how great life is!

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