Some Don’t like it hot: Yoga, Cool Eats & Spring Racing

My yoga passes are dwindling, so options are limited these days! On Tuesday night, Emily joined me for what was supposed to be “Vinyasa 1.5” (between levels 1-2) at Studio DC. Most of their classes are heated, but I specifically scope out the ones that are not.

It was the first day of Spring, but the humidity felt like a reminder of summer. It must’ve seeped right into that studio, and set up camp!

Within 10 minutes I could feel the beads of sweat forming – not a good sign. Thirty minutes into the ninety we signed up for? I was slipping on my mat, distracted by the heat and scheming how I could open the window right behind us  – maybe just stick my head in fresh, outdoor air?!  Yes, it was THAT uncomfortable. Or, so says my memory.

I don’t like it hot {for yoga} – there, I said it.


In other news, it’s almost warm enough now that I can put oatmeal cravings aside and tap into the breakfast repertoire that doesn’t bring my body temperature to 110*.  I’m down to the last 1/2 cup in my stash, and we have many options that I often ignore – chobani yogurt, TJ’s pancake mix, LGF granola, and fresh/frozen fruits. My blender hasn’t seen the light of our kitchen in months; it serves to smooth!

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It’s also warm enough to put all running tights away and get some sunlight on these legs & arms! As you can see from the RnR photos, it’s shorts season here. Getting up and out the door for my early morning rendezvous with Kate is slightly easier these days. Spring “training” continues!

I do like it warm, and I love me some summer-running attire.

The year I filled up my Spring race line-up with the “longer” distances that become a challenge once those temps dip into 90. With the half-marathon PR box checked ( thanks for the congrats! ), there are two 10-milers to go and a lot of local 5/10Ks to choose from. Looking for a local option (DC)?


Do you like it hot? Yoga, spring/summer, breakfast, racing season?

What spring races are on your agenda (local or not)?

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15 responses to “Some Don’t like it hot: Yoga, Cool Eats & Spring Racing

  1. LOL! The 90 minutes is long! i always go for the 60-70 minute sessions. And its in a 95F room, not 105F. Much better. for real!

  2. I can barely get through an hour, and I get really stressed when the instructor decides to go over. Our spin studio has been really hot recently too – the instructor made a joke that people pay extra for heated classes so we should be happy about it. 😉

  3. I LOVE Bikram yoga … but hate it when I get a tiny bit sweaty in my Vinyasa classes. Go figure.

  4. Trail races on the spring agenda. 10 miler this weekend. 10K in April. 1/2 Marathon in May!

  5. Emily

    I was about thisclose to opening one of those giant windows to keep us from suffocating, but I felt like that would have invited death stares. Sigh. Thanks for sticking it out with me!

  6. Sam Quatromoni

    I had the same yoga experience yesterday morning and avoid hot oatmeal during the warmer months. Ever soak rolled oats overnight for cold oatmeal?

  7. I’ve never tried hot yoga before but I think I wouldn’t like it! I definitely like being cool while I exercise. I often put a fan on myself when working out indoors! I’m wanting less hot foods now too. Been eating tons of cucumber lately and don’t really want anymore soups. I’m so done with winter!

  8. GW parkway classic! want to pace me? 🙂 also, bisquick makes a gluten free pancake mix that has crack in it.

  9. I’m down in Richmond, looking for a 10 mile race close by. I’ve never run that far… but I’m doing the 10K in Richmond at the end of the month. I might do the George Washington one!

  10. Loving this beautiful weather we are having in DC/NoVA! Looks like a great race line up.

  11. amberyake9

    Some really don’t like it hot BUT I will encourage you to try it again. It takes awhile to get used to hot yoga. And get a yogitoes towel (or a towel of any sort) for your mat. You CAN’T do hot yoga without a towel on your mat!!

  12. HATE HATE HATE hot yoga, it’s very distracting to me as well and just miserable, I took the try it again advice and hated it even more the second time around – every exercise isn’t for everyone right?!!

  13. We had our glimpse of warm weather and it’s now gone 😦 I LOVE spring and summer running and anything outdoors! And summery meals are the best, aren’t they?! (and I am having the same commenting issues! SO frustrating! borrowed your verbiage at the bottom for my blog, so hopefully that helps others comment!)

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