Race Prep: Easing-the-Mind Miles

My mind is still deciding what tomorrow’s race will look like –  yup, that’s fine…take your time… – and it has two strong visualizations.  I’m just waiting for it go ahead and opt for the challenge. There’s a personal-best in these legs somewhere, and I see the 13.1 miles that we’ll run tomorrow as a test.

Our run-around-DC! adventure will either tell me that 1) I raced hard on Sunday, and that was my PR-glory for the week, OR 2) there’s a half-marathon PR ready for its own moment, and maybe I won’t have as much speed-work to do between now and October.


Rose Park trail to Georgetown To end a week of “tapering”, I led the Georgetown lululemon group run last night. Thanks to the lovely DST, we have light! We’re no longer confined to running up Fox Hall or Wisconsin Ave to get our route started; we can finally explore the southern side of that neighborhood, and take advantage of the easy trail access.

This run takes us straight down to the Waterfront and Rock Creek Trail, running along the Potomac River. After a quick mile, we’re coming  up behind Lincoln and already battling the tourist crowd {I’m not a tourist-hater, I totally get it. These memorials are quite a sight!}.

We all kept it slow, easy and conversational. I needed exactly that. I split from the 6-mile group early, and took some time for my own easing-the-mind miles.

No more race talk, no more pace checking – just running back toward Lincoln, and feeling completely spoiled that this is my home, and these are the steps I get to take on any given day. The sky was loud, looking almost exactly like this {two-year-old} photo below.

Sunset by Lincoln Memorial
Photo source: Washington Post.

I KNOW. The District knows how to treat a lady.


For a little extra race-day mojo, I read this {2011 race report} and watched Ivan’s video recap  last night…and maybe again, this morning. Maybe twice…

RunDC National Half Video Recap

 Out-of-towners, you’re in for it. You will see every reason that I love this city – you’ll say good morning to the Capitol, run under blue skies and along the Mall, smell the early-blooming Cherry blossoms, run up Connecticut through Dupont, get high-fives at the turn of every corner and be joined by thousands of your friends.

Good luck to everyone racing the Rock n’ Roll National Half (and Full!) marathon tomorrow! We picked a good one, again.



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10 responses to “Race Prep: Easing-the-Mind Miles

  1. Tim

    I am so glad you qualified that photo of the sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial. The Reflecting Pool is tore UP. They should post a sign as you come into town “Closed for repairs.”

  2. Ivan

    It’s been a year since the last video! Looks like I should make another one soon. Cherry Blossom?

  3. You’re going to run an awesome race, I just know it!! Your head is in the exact right place for it (and your body is more than ready)!

  4. Great post – there’s nothing like a long, easy paced run when you can clear your head and appreciate the beauty of where you’re running. My first run back after my hip flexor decides to stop being all lame and strained, I’m going for one of those runs and I can’t wait 🙂

  5. Good luck this weekend. I love DC and lived there for a semester in college and can’t wait to take my family to share the experience of such a wonderful city.

  6. someday i want to come run with you and go to lincoln. A quiet run in the morning with just our footsteps!

  7. I wish I could run with you!! And seriously – what a beautiful city to run!

  8. Lauren

    LOVED the video!! So cool. It even brought back memories of running races for me. 🙂 You are going to do AWESOME tomorrow! Wish I could run with you! Love youuuu

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