Mission 3:30:xx

The original post-MCM plan was to snatch that 3:35 BQ time this Spring, register for Boston 2013 and check every running-bucket-list box. These muscles had worked so hard, surprised themselves (ahem, me), and I wasn’t going to watch that slip.

Kate and I started looking for races, and couldn’t find one we felt jazzed about. There wasn’t a weekend that worked for both of us, and then we found ourselves coming up with reasons those weekends might not work, or that location might not be easy to get to, or…maybe we just don’t want to train for a Spring race.

Mmhm; the latter became evident pretty quickly.

That’s okay, legs! You worked hard, I can step back. I can see the need for an “off-season”, where we play around at 5Ks and 10-milers and maybe even dabble at a half-marathon PR. I can see a Spring season where we go to yoga instead of on a 6-mile tempo, and don’t worry about missing miles here or there.

Now that I think about it, maybe I don’t want any 26.2s for a while….

Huh? MCM registration opens this week? Wednesday?!! Oh….

Kate actually reminded me that I told her,“Don’t let me sign up for this race again!” – i.e. remind me that this hurt, and it was hard, and I want a little break.

Oh, how quickly we forget that pain. Thanks, endorphins, for covering up those last 6 miles in my head, and choosing to remember exactly how seeing “3:37” felt.

3:00 p.m. EST approached quickly, and I was barely able to sit still in my chair as I waited for the server to cooperate and the “Click here to Register” link to finally take me to the page I wanted to see.

MCM 2012 Registration


We had a few questions to fill out in the process – first marathon? Nope. First Marine Corps Marathon? Nope….

Expected Finish Time – 3:30

MCM 2012 3.30.xx

That leaves a lot of work to be done between now and October 28, 2012….

Challenge, accepted!


What’s on your fitness bucket-list this year?

Who else will be joining me, and 35,000 other runners for MCM 2012??



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30 responses to “Mission 3:30:xx

  1. LOVE. IT.

    I know you have it in you.

  2. runyogarepeat

    I love that endorphins cover up the pain! On my fitness bucket list this year – is running my first marathon this May (Vermont City Marathon). The best part is this winter has been so mild, so I haven’t had to do any long runs in the snow.

    • Heather C

      You did luck out for winter training! It’s tough to get in the miles then sidewalks are covered in snow/ice 🙂 Plus, you’ll be more prepared for the actual weather on race day. Win-win!

  3. We’ll be out to cheer!
    I’m still sticking strong to the “no 26.2s for a while” – at least for now.

  4. So exciting! You can do it, you WILL!!!

  5. i have NO DOUBT that you will EXCEED that goal.

  6. Woohoo!!! You are gonna ROCK this mission!!!!

  7. You and those speedy legs will DEFINITELY hit that goal 🙂 GET IT GIRL!!

    congrats on getting into another MCM! After last year’s race and seeing the frenzy on Twitter/Facebook yesterday I’m feeling a little depressed I didn’t sign up for 2012…

  8. Whoop! So impressed with your goal setting and achieving. i know you can do it. one of these days I’ll decide to Really push myself in the marathon and see what i can do. for now, consistency and finishing strong is okay with me.

  9. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!! I’ll run yer ass in from crystal city if you want. assuming I can run that fast. 🙂 you got this.

    • Heather C

      Yes, please! CC is where it all starts to seem so hard, hah. And there’s still 4 miles of boring highway to go!

  10. I’ll be there too! Second marathon but my first MCM, so excited! Good luck with training!

  11. amazing! love this so much. a lot of work and dedication – a whole lot of reward & kicking ass at life & goals. 🙂 who knows…maybe I’ll run it with you! well, at a slower pace… then SeaWheeze 13.1 could be a training run for me in August. 😉

    • Heather C

      Ah, it’d be so fun if you guys came down for MCM weekend! It is quite the festival, and there’s a 10K option, too! 🙂

  12. You just love to kick your own ass don’t you?!?!? Get it! OORAH!

  13. I think after a less serious spring, your legs will be ready for some hard training and that 3:30 goal!

  14. Lauren

    That’s awesome!! You can do it! 😀 I want to run another half with you. That’s my goal this year!

  15. katharine

    I’ll be there! Can’t believe it sold out so fast!

  16. Congrats! you’re gonna be awesome. 🙂 you are my hero! cheering you on from Colorado ….

    any chance you can blog about how to get faster? your paces are impressive to a newbie like me. Oorah!

    • Heather C

      Thanks, Mel!!

      I’ll gladly write a post about my tactics for running faster – but my strongest weapon is a run-buddy that is faster than *me* 😉

  17. Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie

    Oooh sounds like a great half! Do you have any recs on where to DC? As a Georgetown student, I’m always looking for new places to go 🙂

  18. Marine Corps was my first marathon, holds a special place in my heart! Excited for you!

  19. You got this one, girl!

    I’m running it, too, and looking to go big for me–sub-4 or bust.

  20. Congratulations on making it official and signing up!! It feels so much more real once you’re registered 🙂

    On my running bucket list for this year: my first marathon on September 9, 2012!! I also want to take 7:00 off my half marathon PB in June. Lots of good stuff on the agenda!

  21. Can’t wait to see the post where you rocked this goal! 🙂 My fitness bucket list this year is to get back to running post stress fracture. I ran a mile yesterday without pain. It was such an amazing feeling. Baby steps!

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